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TonicPow: marketing on Bitcoin SV

TonicPow explained that they developed a peer-to-peer advertising system using the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) blockchain.

The project was founded last year by Attila Aros, Luke Rohenaz and Austin Rappaport who worked on it during the first hackathon launched by the Bitcoin Association, which allowed the three programmers to join forces and create this system to unite the blockchain and advertising worlds.

This tool allows users to earn small amounts of BSV through recommendations of various products or services, while on the corporate side, it turns out to be a tool that allows creating advertising campaigns to reward users in exchange for advertising.

The program has been developed on the Bitcoin SV blockchain and in more detail  it provides:

  • A social monetization for the consumer: the user earns BSV by recommending their favourite products and services, the more engagement they have, the more BSV they earn;
  • Better advertising for businesses, as the advertising targets people directly, resulting in genuine and not fictitious interaction;
  • Developer tools designed to allow the use of company domains and the creation of referral links;
  • Instantaneousness: payments are made in real-time and therefore it is possible to make an immediate report on the effectiveness of the advertising;
  • Transparency, thanks to the recording on the blockchain of the conversion of clicks, which allows checking everything at any time on the blockchain.

In addition, the entire platform is completely free for the end consumer, so it has no costs and already allows for monetization.

This is an interesting and extraordinary feature for the BSV blockchain, as Calvin Ayre pointed out:

“It blows my mind to see how many incredible business and enterprise solutions are now being built on Bitcoin SV. It proves that scaling matters. And with Bitcoin SV committed to a set-in-stone protocol, developers can build whatever blockchain applications they like safe in the knowledge that the underlying ‘plumbing’ will not change. TonicPow is such a powerful solution to any business looking to market itself and I am very excited to be an investor.”

More information about this tool will be revealed during the CoinGeek Conference in New York next October.

In the meantime, it is already possible to view marketing campaigns by subscribing to the TonicPow platform.

Surely this is an interesting year for Bitcoin SV, which went through its first halving and saw the birth of several problems such as Handcash, Money Button but also a food passport in Poland.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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