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London: the largest crypto trading hub

London has officially become the home of the largest cloud infrastructure for crypto trading. This was revealed by Avelacom, a company that develops IT solutions and low latency connections. 

What is being highlighted is that with the Covid 19 pandemic there has been an increase in demand for access to low latency services from Amazon Web Service (AWS), the cloud service offered by Amazon. 

According to Avelacom, there has been a particular increase in demand from institutional customers operating in the derivatives market

The growth in trading with these products, which has reached considerable peaks in recent months, shows that this is clearly the case.

Avelacom reveals that 30% of its existing crypto customers are accessing the AWS London platform, expecting this percentage to rise to 50%. 

In London several crypto and exchange companies would be supported, making London the hub of this world. However, as the crypto market is open 24/7 and subject to very high volatility, with users from all over the world interconnecting, it is necessary that transactions are conducted with efficient connectivity.

Crypto trading and connectivity

The CEO of Avelacom, Aleksey Larichev, explained:

“Throughout the last few months we’ve seen high volumes across all asset classes, but the biggest growth continues to be in digital assets, now also reflected in London. March was challenging because strategies couldn’t be adjusted quickly enough but now we’re seeing real growth again”.

March was in fact the month that experienced the spread of the Coronavirus, with many states including Italy and the United States having to resort to lockdown. In the history of crypto and financial markets, it will remain one of the most negative events, with a crash that sent investors and operators into panic. 

A situation that has caused trading volumes to skyrocket, raising the need for extremely fast connectivity, to which Avelacom reacted, as explained by the CEO:

“We were pioneers in understanding the future importance of digital asset trading and the need for low latency connectivity, connecting quickly to new destinations and clouds such as in Dublin, Ashburn, Portland and Seattle. This infrastructure is facilitating all existing and new clients, particularly in London currently, as their digital assets trading needs escalate”.

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