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How to create a quiz on Telegram with Zilliqa’s bot

Not everyone knows that the Telegram messaging app allows users to build and use different bots to do many things, for example, create quizzes using a blockchain like that of Zilliqa.

Among the various bots, there is one that has recently been developed, Zeeeves, which makes use of the Zilliqa blockchain and allows managing a Zilliqa wallet within Telegram to purchase ZIL and create shareable links to receive crypto tips.

In addition, a couple of days ago a new function was introduced for this bot, that of creating quizzes, thus generating the questions, the answers, the number of people who can participate and obviously also the reward to be given to the winner.

The interesting thing about this bot is that once all the data has been entered, it will create a smart contract on the Zilliqa blockchain, without having to write any line of code. After the creation, it will be possible to share the quiz inside Telegram chats.

A guide to creating a quiz with the Telegram bot

Before getting started it is worth recalling that Zilliqa’s blockchain uses a fee system, so after adding the @zilliqawalletbot on Telegram we must have ZIL ready for both the reward and the transaction for generating the contract (about 5 ZIL).

After adding the bot we need to click on “Quizzes” and then on “Create quiz”.

quiz zil

Next, we will have to enter the first question and its corresponding answers to create a multiple-choice quiz, with a minimum of 2 alternatives.

Subsequently, we will have to enter the amount of the prize for those who answer correctly and the maximum number of winners who can win.

After entering all the parameters we will be asked to deploy the smart contract and to add the reward. To complete the procedure, press the “Create contract!” button:

Once the system has generated the smart contract, we will have to press the “Share” button to share it with whoever we want in the different chats.

Interestingly, if we check the transaction it’s possible to see all the code, about one hundred lines, of the related smart contract.

If we want to cancel the quiz or end it, just select “Quizzes” again, then “Finish quiz”, select the current quiz and confirm the conclusion. In this case, all the remaining prizes in the smart contract will be returned to the account from which the first transaction was created.


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