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PayPal offers jobs for cryptocurrency and blockchain experts

PayPal would be offering jobs to cryptocurrency and blockchain experts. The news fuels the rumours of the upcoming launch of a service for buying and selling cryptocurrencies

The news that started to circulate on Monday night has sparked excitement in the crypto community and the markets, as evidenced by the sudden rise in Bitcoin’s price. As usual, BTC has dragged the industry out of the boredom of the last few days showing positive signs. 

To add to the mystery, the job ad for a cryptocurrency expert has been removed. Before the removal, however, it was clear that PayPal was looking for someone who could design, develop and maintain cryptocurrency-related services. 

At the moment, the link redirects to the page with all the vacancies, so it was probably removed, or the right person was found.

The other ad, which is still online, is instead aimed at finding an expert to be assigned to a strategic group to integrate the blockchain into PayPal, harnessing the potential of both. There is also a request to develop pilot projects for the application of blockchain technology. 

The indicated job location is in San Jose, California.

Why is PayPal boarding the cryptocurrency wagon?

Job advertisements show that the rumors about PayPal’s possible entry into the crypto world are far from unfounded. To date, the US company has neither confirmed nor denied it. Usually a non-disclosure indicates that the news is true

It will take some time, a few months, to see the launch of cryptocurrency trading not only on PayPal but also on Venmo, the other company owned by PayPal, focused on payments via app. Rumours spoke of a launch by autumn, maybe sooner

The diffusion of cryptocurrencies as a means of instant payment could not escape an industry giant like PayPal. With its 325 million active users, this “marriage” could lead to a breakthrough for the crypto industry, which would venture, this time for real, towards mainstream adoption. 


Eleonora Spagnolo
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