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CryptoKitties will retire in Upland

Upland has launched a retirement community for CryptoKitties. 

It is “an island retirement resort for all your hardworking CryptoKitties”, located in the virtual world of Upland just off the coast of San Francisco, on Angel Island.

Upland is a real estate trading game located in a parallel virtual world based on the blockchain and will allow for one week, from today until June 30th, to send the no longer fertile CryptoKitties to the retirement community. There, according to Upland, “be immortalized in our platform, enjoying the beaches, sipping milk-based cocktails, laying around in the sun and enjoying all the fish they can eat”. 

Users who decide to retire their digital kittens during this campaign will be able to win up to 75,000 UPX, the game currency of Upland. 

In fact, a ranking will be drawn up that will reward whoever retires the most CryptoKitties

The purpose of digital kittens in the CryptoKitties game is to breed other kittens, which means that kittens that are no longer fertile will stop participating in the game. In order to prevent them from being forgotten, Upland has created a virtual place to store them so that they can be reunited. 

The Upland platform consists of a virtual layer mapped to real-world addresses and offers players ownership of digital assets that users can buy, trade and sell on the open market.

The platform was launched as an open beta only earlier this year, with virtual properties located directly on the San Francisco map. In the future, however, they would also like to expand to other cities or regions around the world, giving users the ability to build virtual structures or create businesses on the properties listed on the platform. 

Upland already provides the possibility to use externally created digital assets, such as CryptoKitties which represent a preview of this new and upcoming feature. 

There are thousands of CryptoKitties in circulation, considering that, although in total there can not exist more than 50,000 of Gen 0, there is no limit to the total number that can be created. 

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