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KPMG launches a platform to manage crypto assets

KPMG Advisory has announced the launch of KPMG Chain Fusion, a platform to manage crypto assets with various functions, such as blockchain analysis and much more.

The incredible demand and attention that cryptocurrencies and blockchains are receiving have not gone unnoticed, and indeed several institutional investors have an interest in entering this type of industry.

However, since they are bound by precise regulations, it is more complicated to be able to operate in a free way.

It is necessary to have dedicated tools for this type of client and therefore to set up “institutional ready” platforms so as to facilitate the process and provide all the necessary tools to operate with one or more cryptocurrency and blockchain.

KPMG’s crypto platform, which is waiting for the pending patent, allows acting as a bridge between the traditional system and cryptocurrencies by managing accounts, payments, market data, an order match engine, AML (Anti Money Laundering) and GRC procedures.

The system also includes a hot wallet, a warm wallet and a cold wallet, the related infrastructure with the various nodes and also detailed analysis of the various blockchains.

Such a platform offers the advantage of managing several assets in one go, thus both the traditional system and cryptocurrencies.

It is a simplified and convenient platform for all those coming from the institutional world.

This type of player can really be a game-changer because, in addition to drawing considerable attention to crypto assets, it also allows moving large amounts of capital, directly or indirectly influencing the price of an asset.

It is worth mentioning that only recently PayPal seems to have shown interest in opening a platform to buy cryptocurrencies and for this reason, the price of BTC had risen in recent days.


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