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Travala recovers: the month of June in positive

Travala, a platform for booking flights and hotels using crypto payments, has recently released its latest report for the month of June. According to the report, the website recorded a triple-digit increase in bookings compared to the previous period.

It is a 170% increase, a figure that goes beyond all expectations, especially considering the situation in which we find ourselves, which for obvious reasons related to the current pandemic, has hindered the progress and success of this platform.

On the other hand, it is also true that it was easy to achieve such a significant climb, seeing that in the previous month the trips had practically stopped everywhere due to the Coronavirus.

But let’s go into detail: the report includes the numbers relating to the platform’s progress in June compared to May and hence have a clear picture with regard to the crypto tourism sector.

The bookings, as well as revenue, amounted to over 180 thousand dollars:

  • 981 rooms booked, an increase of 81% compared to the month of May;
  • 13% of bookings were paid with the platform’s native token, AVA, which is second only to Bitcoin (BTC), and exceeds 20% of total bookings;
  • The average cost of rooms booked was $166, a 32% increase over May.

Interestingly, the most popular destinations have been the USA, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany but also Italy, thus almost all European destinations, partly because in the old continent the risk of contagion has greatly decreased and borders have reopened.

As far as tourists are concerned, their profile is very varied: they come from the USA, Japan, India, Vietnam, Germany, Russia and England, a sign that even in these countries there is more freedom of movement and it is possible to fly between continents.

It should be mentioned that, besides traditional payment methods, Travala allows customers to use their favourite cryptocurrencies, 30 different ones, for booking flights and hotels. 

In addition, the platform offers a special discount for those who lock AVA tokens. 

At the moment there are 6.6 million AVA locked in the SMART program, which represents 17% of the current supply of around 38 million AVA.

Looking at the price of the token, there is a clear counter trend as it is gaining momentum, in contrast to the downturns that have been hitting the sector in recent days. 

In just one month, in fact, AVA has gained a solid 220%, a triple-digit performance that confirms the positive trend of the project. The token is now traded at $0.32 and is at position 338 on CoinMarketCap.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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