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How to create an NFT on the IOST blockchain

It is possible to create NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) on the IOST blockchain.

The choice of a blockchain over another depends on various factors, such as speed, fees, possibility to create smart contracts and also the type of token to be created, whether NFT or regular utility tokens.

Among all the blockchains that populate the crypto world, there are few solutions that offer complete systems and that can provide all the above-mentioned features. Among them one that is becoming interesting is IOST.

This blockchain, which uses Proof of Believability, a variant of Proof of Stake, allows creating both simple tokens (IRC-20 and IRC21) and the recently introduced NFTs (IRC721).

The guide to creating an NFT on IOST

Before proceeding to create our NFT on the IOST blockchain we will need a couple of things:

  • An IOST account with several resources staked, such as iGAS and iRAM;
  • At least 5 IOST staked per resource and at least 0.01 IOST;
  • A Jetstream wallet.

We will use the very useful tool myuniqueasset, which allows creating our personal NFT in a few seconds using a simple graphical interface.

In fact, it is possible to add both text and images as if it were a canvas on which to express one’s creativity, followed by the name of the token:

NFT Iost

After choosing our preferred layout and inserting text and image, we’ll have to insert the parameters of the token.

To do this, the “Add Property” section comes to our aid where we can enter both the property type (for example in a card game it could be power, attack and so on), and its value.

Now all that’s left is to create the token and to do so we have to buy it, so we enter our amount in IOST, click on “Create NFT” and confirm the transaction.

This is the result on the blockchain side:

NFT Iost

Lastly, just go to the Jetstream wallet and in the “NFT Inventory” section we can see our Non Fungible Token which we can use as we see fit.

As we have seen, the creation is really simple and affordable, with a really ridiculous cost, since an NFT can be created with just 0.00000001 IOST.


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