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Brock Pierce’s US presidential election goes on EOS

Two days ago, on the occasion of Independence Day in the US, we learned about Brock Pierce‘s candidacy for the next election as President of the United States and, a few hours after the announcement, a poll on the EOS blockchain emerged on the subject.

For those who are unaware of it, last year saw the introduction on EOS of the possibility of creating and participating in referendums and polls conducted directly on the chain, thus in a decentralized manner.

The poll reflects the different possibilities of voting for, against or abstaining, precisely to give freedom of expression to voters, who in this case are represented by EOS accounts that have enough tokens in stake to vote.

As for the content of the poll, it reflects the content of the message launched by Brock Pierce, with all the various goals he has achieved and the various companies he has helped to promote over the years.

Voting on blockchain

This is a practical and unique example of its kind of EOS surveys as it is linked to a very important event.

This scenario, among other things, opens up the possibility, in the near future, to vote directly from home and have certified, immutable and real-time results, without having to wait for various counts, at times wrong, to declare the winner.

Of course, accounts should be checked to verify that they are entitled to vote without losing their anonymity, and if it were possible to organize voting on blockchain, this would cut down time and costs, eliminating intermediaries.

In any case, the voting on EOS blockchain has begun and will end on November 4th, 2020. This will allow getting an idea of how crypto users see Brock Pierce’s candidacy for President.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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