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Bison Trails aims for the NBA with Flow Blockchain

Bison Trails has announced support for Flow Blockchain. This is the platform created by Dapper Labs, the company that developed the world-famous CryptoKitties. 

As part of the new partnership, Bison Trails will provide access to its architecture with support for all five Flow Blockchain nodes.

What is Flow Blockchain

Flow is a blockchain that aims to provide a scalable and decentralized infrastructure, especially suitable for games. It aims to do what Bitcoin and Ethereum have been doing in finance (a transparent and disruptive technology), within the entertainment world.

In fact, Flow’s uses include NFTs related to the world of sports, which are digital assets to be used by fans who want to interact with artists and groups, as well as prizes for players.

Flow uses four types of participation nodes plus an access node, which is equivalent to a full node. 

By providing support for all five nodes, Bison Trails will facilitate user participation. 

Bison Trails in gaming with Flow Blockchain

For its part, Dapper Labs didn’t stop with CryptoKitties. They have partnered with the NBA, Dr. Seuss and the UFC and just recently announced the launch of the NBA Top Shot. It’s a blockchain-based app for trading collectables representing NBA players. A bit like what Sorare does with the world of football, or rather fantasy football

Top Shot is currently in beta and open source for the community that is testing it. The app, however, will be supported by Bison Trails’ infrastructure, which aims to ensure better scalability and consequently a greater diffusion.

The CEO of Bison Trails, Joe Lallouz, commented on the agreement.

“Bison Trails has extensive experience with Flow and has collaborated closely with the team to provide feedback on infrastructure requirements, operational costs, economics, and timelines. Flow’s innovative multi-role architecture, resource-oriented programming, developer ergonomics, easy consumer onboarding, resource pricing, and storage deposits will be an asset to the industry at large”.

Dieter Shirley, Chief Architect of Flow added:

“The Bison Trails team really sets the standard for professional node operation. Their team is reliable and committed, and goes beyond technical excellence to build communication and understanding in the wider community”.

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