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Oasis University Program, the blockchain in theory and practice

Oasis Network has launched Oasis University Program, the blockchain program involves also the world’s leading universities and blockchain service providers

Promoters of this initiative are the Oasis Foundation and Oasis Network. But there are also blockchain clubs belonging to the most famous universities, such as:

  • University of Aberdeen AI and Crypto Club. 
  • Australian National University (ANU) Blockchain Club
  • Blockchain at Berkeley
  • Cambridge University Blockchain Society
  • University of Cape Town Cryptocurrencies Club
  • Cornell Blockchain
  • Digital Currency Initiative at MIT
  • University of Edinburgh Fintech Society
  • Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, Goethe University of Frankfurt
  • Imperial College Blockchain-Crypto Technologies Society
  • King’s College London (KCL) Blockchain Society
  • London School of Economics (LSE) Blockchain Society
  • London Blockchain Labs/UCL Blockchain Society
  • University of Lausanne Blockchain Society
  • University of Leeds Blockchain Society
  • Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies, University of Malta
  • McGill University Blockchain Club
  • Oxford University Blockchain Society
  • University of San Francisco Department of Computer Science
  • University of Technology Sydney Fintech Club 
  • University of Sydney (UYSD) Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Society
  • Student Association of Digital Finance, Tsinghua University
  • University of Washington Blockchain Club.

Bison Trails part of Oasis University Program 

The aim of the members of the University Blockchain Program is to develop and test apps, as well as to manage validation nodes and governance systems, within Oasis Network. 

The program also includes technical support, tutorials for students who want to participate and a series of events. 

With the program, Oasis Network plans to continue its goal of creating a responsible data economy

The concept is explained by Jernej Kos, from the Oasis Foundation: 

“With many universities actively engaged in the Oasis Network development today, the University Program has proven a great way for university clubs and departments to be involved in building a responsible data economy and the Oasis Network that supports it. 

In addition to participating in the Network, universities will have the opportunity to foster the growth of a broad and substantive ecosystem focused on building a responsible data economy”.

Liam Di Gregorio, president of Blockchain at Berkeley, formerly part of the Oasis Network, added:

“It’s been a great way for our team to learn more about the Network and confidential compute technology more broadly”.

Daigan Reid, president of Blockchain Labs in London, is thrilled: 

“Our Labs team have thoroughly enjoyed setting up, learning about, and maintaining nodes that help to secure the Oasis network. We’ve learned a lot about Oasis’ technology and we look forward to getting more involved with their ecosystem”.

The same enthusiasm is expressed by Professor Philipp Sandner, director of the Blockchain Center at the University of Frankfurt:

“The Oasis Network is an exciting project, as it combines the benefits of blockchain with data privacy. For that reason, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center decided to run a node, participate in the network and use it for applied research and practical education”.

Bison Trails, which will provide technical support to universities, will also be part of the program. Aaron Henshaw, CTO and co-founder of Bison Trails, spoke about it:

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the Oasis University Program launch. Supporting university blockchain clubs and computer science departments as they engage with the Oasis Network aligns with our mission to democratize access to blockchain technology”.

Other partners besides Bison Trails are Blockdaemon, En[code] Club, and Simply VC, who will work with universities to provide staking support if needed. 


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