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Voice: a guide to the EOS social network

The wait is finally over: Voice, the long-awaited decentralized social network based on the EOS blockchain, has now opened to all European users, who can finally post and earn money from published posts.

Here’s how Voice works and how to register.


How to register and publish on the EOS social network, Voice

First of all, those who have already registered to join the social network should have received an invitation code via email. This code will continue the registration process.

The procedure should be done via Android or iOS smartphones. On the next screen, after entering the code, it will be necessary to enter first and last name and accept the relevant terms of service.

After that it will be mandatory to take a selfie, or rather a double selfie, to allow the algorithm to actually check that the user is a person: in fact, if a printed image or a photograph is used, it will not be accepted.

At this point, a username must be entered, written all lowercase without spaces and with special characters. It must contain a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 16 characters, including both letters and numbers.

Once this is done, the next screen will generate our 279-bit password, hence quite secure and complicated to remember.

Finally, there will be the login screen, where it will be necessary to enter the username and password previously saved in order to access the platform.

Please note that the mobile platform on Android still has some shortcomings, as it is not possible to create a post, which instead is possible to do on the web interface.


Now it will be necessary to move on the PC and connect to the platform by entering the same credentials. And this is where it will be possible to go to the “Voice Balance” section to request our 3000 welcome tokens, by pressing the “Collect” button.


At this point to create a post on Voice simply click on the “+ Create post” button and then enter the title and content of the post. These two fields are mandatory. Finally, a category of the 12 present must be chosen before clicking on the “Publish” button.

If the users would like to use their tokens, they can scroll through the feed and see the various posts and comment, like them, follow the author of the post, or even see who are the Top Voices, those who have collected the most tokens.

Currently, there is still no internal chat section for communicating with other users, all of which are verified and known, so no one will be able to post malicious conduct and get away with it.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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