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21 heads: Brock Pierce featured in a new NFT dedicated to Bitcoin

The new NFT launched by 21 Heads will be dedicated to investor and crypto advocate Brock Pierce. This was announced by Aaron Koenig, creator of the project, together with artist Max Cryptohead.

The 21 Heads NFTs

The 21 Heads series is a set of portraits – 21 like the limit of millions of bitcoin that could ever exist – designed by Max Cryptohead.

During a recent interview, he stated that he knows Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity, but does not want to reveal it. That is why he painted him with the face of Dorian Nakamoto

“I met Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference in Bogotá in 2017, where he was interviewed on stage and posed for selfies with whoever wanted. Everyone knows he is not the real Satoshi, but somehow his expressive face now represents him. So it was an obvious choice to use him for my portrait. It features the same “Bitcoin Glasses” from the Newsweek cover that Dorian wore on stage in Bogotá”.

Each painting is represented by a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that can be bought on the official website of the project or on the more famous OpenSea, a marketplace for this kind of digital works.

The series also includes portraits of Satoshi Nakamoto, David Chaum, Nick Szabo, Adam Back and many others. Not all of them have been announced, but they will be over time. The community can suggest candidates for the next ones.

Each NFT is sold in 21 copies, thanks to the ERC-721 tokens. The NFT will be sent to each buyer so that they can prove that they are the sole owner. The digital paintings have a size of 21×21 inches and a resolution of 300 dpi, which allows owners to have them printed on canvas in high quality.

Choosing an NFT dedicated to Brock Pierce 

The time to launch this new portrait could not be better considering that Pierce is a candidate for President of the United States.

Max Cryptohead explained:

“Brock is one of the most charismatic characters in the crypto space. He has helped to launch some of the most important crypto companies, and he pretty much invented the ICO. I appreciate even more that he now invests his time and money in a political campaign which will probably not result in his election, but lets him spread the ideas and values of the crypto community to a wide audience”.

The exhibition will be held at the Bitcoin Embassy Bar in Mexico City on October 15th during the Crypto Art Show

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