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USA 2020, Brock Pierce focuses on technology

Brock Pierce is now officially a candidate in the 2020 US presidential election which will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd. 

Following the announcement a few days ago, confirmation arrived with the registration of his campaign with the Federal Election Commission

In the post that appeared on Twitter, the entrepreneur who is close to the world of blockchain and in particular to EOSIO, has also asked for suggestions for the vice president

In fact, in the US presidential campaigns, the president usually runs in a ticket race with another person already designated as vice president. However, Brock Pierce doesn’t seem to have chosen his VP yet. 

Alongside humorous answers that suggest Roger Ver or Craig Wright, several users have suggested Andrew Yang

He is the “crypto friendly” democratic candidate who retired announcing that he will try again in 2024

If Brock Pierce were to be convinced, he would end up being identified with the Democratic side, whereas he wants to maintain his independence, or at least that’s what he wrote in response in one of the comments on Twitter following the announcement of the candidacy.

Technology at the heart of Brock Pierce’s election campaign

The cornerstone of Brock Pierce’s election strategy will be technological innovation. He made that clear in a Twitter post. 

Even in the video presentation Brock Pierce mentions technology,

“Technology should be embraced, not feared. It is here to enhance our institutions and improve our lives. If our government was using 21st century technology, all of those stimulus and unemployment checks would have been received by the people in need much sooner”.

There is also mention of artificial intelligence. Whereas blockchain technology which is part of his entrepreneurial success, was not referred to at all:

“Technology is a solution that we should be proactively using. In the very near future, the landscape of our country will forever change. Innovations like AI will alter our workspace in ways we can foresee and prepare for”.

Chance of victory

Brock Pierce is an independent candidate, and in the complex mechanism for the US presidential elections, there is little room for those who are not Democrats or Republicans. It is these two factions with their overwhelming electoral machinery that are active and in competition. 

The challenge is basically twofold: on the one hand, the outgoing president Donald Trump, and on the other, Obama’s former deputy, Joe Biden

Other candidates such as Brock Pierce and the other independent Kanye West will not be mere extras, but will be valid elements that could complicate the race of the two candidates which have better chances. 

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