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Notarify brings the blockchain into the legal sector

Notarify is a blockchain-based platform that allows free certification on blockchain, and secure storage of documents, as well as remote Video-Biometric signature.

The most important online portal dedicated to the legal sector in Italy, LaLeggePerTutti.it will use the Notarify platform, trademarked by the company ZBX Blockchain Smart Solutions. 

Last year Confcommercio became a partner of Notarify, with hundreds of companies and professionals such as accountants, lawyers and notaries already using the platform for themselves and in the management of their clients’ files.

Notarify is a platform developed by ZBX Blockchain Smart Solutions, an all-Italian blockchain company that develops and provides companies, public administrations and individuals with alternative services to those traditionally provided by centralized entities. 

The company wants to be the access key to the blockchain world, thanks to these new services, like for example digital notarization

On the institutional website, it is declared as a long term goal to contribute to transforming the economy from a model based on competition and conflict to a system based on collaboration and sharing, creating a new economic community based on values such as freedom and trust.

This is why ZBX aims to allow everyone, both individuals and companies, access to a new economic model of management of transactions, information, money and trade. A decentralized model that is simultaneously efficient, secure, transparent and guarantees privacy. 

This economic model aims to create a system of development supplementary to the current one, which does not replace it, but integrates it. 

Notarify and blockchain for intellectual property protection

Notarify fits perfectly into this vision and also meets the needs of protecting the intellectual property and copyright of artists, producers, video makers, writers; in short, all those professionals who translate ideas into reality and need to protect them from plagiarism. 

Intellectual property and copyrights are safeguarded thanks to the blockchain certification of any type of file uploaded on the portal.

ZBX Blockchain Smart Solutions and Notarify are brands owned by B-ZERO, an innovative startup founded by Federico Monti, an entrepreneur known to be one of the promoters of Bitcoin Valley in Rovereto. 

The service that ZBX already provides, Notarify, exploits the immutability and trustless nature of transactions on 3 different blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS) to certify the originality of the documents, the so-called digital notarization. 

Notarify is a service of fundamental importance for anyone who wants to manage a negotiation and conclude a contract remotely.

The priority of the Notarify platform, as already highlighted, is transparency and security, which is why the identity of the counterparts who are about to sign a contract is confirmed by uploading an ID document, validated only if the algorithm implemented in the system associates it to the real person on the other side of the screen. 

Having the certainty of the identity of the counterparty allows smooth execution of the contract with a biometric signature, which is nothing more than a mini video in which the intention to sign the document is declared.

It is therefore not surprising that La Legge Per Tutti, the first Italian portal in the legal sector, followed by millions of Italians every month, has decided to use it. 

In February 2019, a law was passed in Italy that gives legal value to the data registered on blockchains, and although the AgID has not yet specified the minimum technical characteristics for a distributed ledger to guarantee electronic time validation, some subjects have already started to exploit the characteristics of decentralized blockchains, such as Bitcoin, which by their intrinsic nature undoubtedly obtain this validation, precisely with the aim of notarizing files of any extension, thus making them immutable and time-stamped.

In this respect Notarify is the leader in Italy, so the choice of La Legge Per Tutti was obvious. 

This kind of use of the blockchain may spread more and more, also because it makes it possible for anyone to freely and personally check public and immutable transactions on decentralized blockchains to verify their correctness. 

Notarify does nothing more than making this possible in an easy way, and before others.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
Born in 1975, Marco has been the first to talk about Bitcoin on YouTube in Italy. He founded ilBitcoin.news and the Facebook group" Bitcoin Italia (open and without scam) ".