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Guide and tips for the game LiteBringer

Nowadays, when it comes to blockchain games, it is impossible not to mention LiteBringer, hence this guide.

We will take a closer look at the game with useful tips and strategies to maximize revenue, seeing that with this game it is possible to sell and buy digital assets by monetizing them in Litecoin (LTC).

Guide to how LiteBringer works

First of all the game must be installed, which can be downloaded here. Unfortunately for the moment it can only be downloaded on the Windows operating system, so no support for Mac or mobile, although this can be remedied by virtualizing the operating system on Mac.

It is advisable in this case to take advantage of the Mac Boot Camp so as to use 100% of the resources, rather than using a software solution that virtualizes another operating system.

In any case, once the game is started, we will have to create an account and we will automatically be given a Litecoin address with a private key, which is conveniently saved in a PDF file to be kept in a safe place. Finally, a password must be created to access the game.

At this point we’re in the game to all intents and purposes, but there’s one fundamental step we’ll have to do: see if the faucet is active. To do this we need to click on the button at the top right where the settings gear is and click on “Get Coins” to retrieve 10 lites. Note that 1000 lites are equivalent to 1 Litecoin (LTC).

After obtaining our lites, we can create our character by clicking on the button at the bottom right “Create Character”. 

We can choose between 3 classes:

  • “Fighter”, 
  • “Rogue”,
  • “Sorcerer”. 

After that, we will have to choose the name and sex of our character and click on the “Create Character” button, which will turn blue. Finally we need to confirm the transaction which will cost us 0.00132 lites.

Each time we make a transaction to create a character or send him or her on a mission, we will have to wait some time before the transaction is recorded on the blockchain. We are talking about a few minutes or at most ten minutes, depending on the congestion of Litecoin.

Once the character has been created, in the dashboard we can see its parameters such as power, evolution and level and next to it we will also find the icon of the completion of the missions and the chest with the various objects in our possession.

How to play LiteBringer

Before we continue we have to explain the system of the characters and their attributes.

First of all each character can evolve infinitely and every time you get to level 30 each level increase involves an increase in power of about 1000.

Another thing to keep in mind are the elements, in total 8. Each one of them has bonuses and maluses relative to the others and also relative to the opponents, so to have a greater effectiveness and bonus it is better to equip the objects all with the same element. The bonus reaches 50% power if all 10 equipped items are of the same element.

The same goes for the various effects, which are many, to which bonuses and maluses are applied.

The map of Asirenia

Let’s proceed with the game and explore the map of the Asirenia region. Considering that we will start from the first level we will only have one mission available.

If the mission is green then we will win it, otherwise we will definitely lose it. Some missions require certain keys to be unlocked, so it is always advisable to do all missions as soon as they turn green.

In addition, each mission can provide us with items such as weapons, armour and even parchments to evolve our character skills, which are 4.

But there are also missions that provide us only experience or others that provide mainly stones of the elements, which serve to evolve our objects, evolution that follows that of the character.

To understand the bonuses and maluses of an opponent, just move the mouse cursor over the enemy to see all the information and which elements and effects are weak or strong.

At this point, having understood which enemy to face, we can start by sending the character on a mission. And this is where LiteBringer’s revenue comes into play, since to send the character on a mission, we will have to pay a subscription of 2 lites, but it may increase in the future.

The subscription lasts about a month, but is measured in blocks, so each mission will consume a number of blocks proportional to the time and difficulty of the mission.

For example, in the early levels we will be able to complete about ten blocks at a time and then progress to 70 or 90 blocks at a time. And since these follow the progress of the blockchain, the time is variable: for example, 36 blocks take about 90 minutes.

The rounds determine how many times we can take an object: for example, in 9 rounds we’ll take at least 9 objects, although the amount depends on the mission and the % drop of the object.

Character objects

Now, instead, let’s examine the objects.

For each character we have 10 objects that can be obtained and equipped in every slot, although the rings must be counted twice.

Each object has its own rarity level from 0 to 3 stars, but there are also legendary objects: the higher the number of stars, the greater the increase we will have when we evolve them.

The advice is therefore to sell or dismantle objects that are not 3 stars and evolve only the 3 stars.

To equip an object just click on “Inventory” and according to the character class we can see which objects can be equipped: in fact, not all objects can be equipped with the same classes.

To confirm the equipment, we will need to send our character on a mission. The missions vary from level I to level V. Changes will be recorded on the blockchain.

Once you level your character to level 30, he will stop perceiving the experience from missions and you will have to evolve him. To do so, special objects are needed, namely the “Blue Sky Shards” to evolve our character and the “Green Sky Shards” to evolve our objects. We can find them in specific missions marked on the map.

If we want to level up our objects, which in this case evolve every 15 levels, then we need the stones of the various elements, depending on the object we have.

It takes 4099 for each object to increase to level 15. Simply select the object to see both the number of stones you need and how many you have.

Once you have enough stones, you can press the “Level Up” or “Level Max” button, but first you have to send your character on a mission.

The LiteBringer marketplace

Now let’s move on to the game’s internal market where we can buy and sell items, stones and shards.

To do this we have to click on the central icon at the top and we can choose whether to display items for sale, characters for sale or resources. 

We can filter the results according to various parameters. It is always better to buy the 3-star items and click on the “Purchase” button to confirm the transaction.

If we want to sell one of our items or characters, then we need to click on the fourth icon at the top of the game and then press the “Create Sell Offer” button. On the next screen we will then have to choose the type of offer.

Now all we need to do is select what we want to sell, the quantity, the price of the offer and whether we want to charge the buyer for trading fees or include them in the offer.

It is advisable to adjust the price to market values, in the sense that if an object is at 0.1 lites, there is no point in selling it for 1 lites, as no one will buy it.

Also, if we have more objects to sell, it is better to put them all together and order them by elements, effects and positions, since it makes no sense to sell double objects in the same offer, but it makes sense to make an offer with 10 different pieces, so as to make it attractive to the public.

Surely the most valuable pieces are the legendary objects and scrolls, since they are the most difficult things to get inside the game, so if you want to earn a lot of money then it is better to sell that kind of objects: scrolls are sold between 8 and 15 lites, while legendary objects from 20 lites upwards.

Interesting to note that the orders remain active until they are completed, so we can monetize even after several days or months.

Finally, some practical tips for playing cleverly are:

  • Equip yourself with 3-star items and follow the various bonuses and maluses to always get the most out of your equipment, so you always choose the best enemy. We can use a convenient tool to calculate the various bonuses and maluses and how many items we can recover;
  • As soon as we have the necessary power, you will need to retrieve shards from the bosses. The first can be taken only once, as well as the second, while the third can be completed as many times as you want and has a power of 2400. This requires 700 of power, so as soon as you reach that level it is good to retrieve the shards in order to evolve your character;
  • When we evolve a character it is advisable to repeat the mission “Realmgate: Realm Gate” to get enough “Blue Sky Shards”, from evolution 0 to 1 you need 16 shards, then 32, 64, 96, 128 and so on;
  • Perform missions of the various bosses to take objects and leave those related to the stones for last, because we can dismantle the objects we have and recover the stones.
  • Sell the scrolls that are not suitable for our character, following market prices;
  • Focus only on one character, because, as said, for each character we have to pay the subscription and so if we have more characters we will have more costs. 
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