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LiteBringer: the Litecoin blockchain game impossible to complete

As reported previously, a few weeks ago there was the launch of Litecoin’s first blockchain-based game, LiteBringer, which allows the player to wander the map and collect resources.

It’s basically a classic RPG (Role Playing Game) game.

So far it may appear as a very simple gameplay and similar to traditional RPGs, known for their longevity precisely because they have different levels and ways to reward the player. In fact, these are games that usually take hundreds of hours to complete.

But LiteBringer is also a blockchain-based game that allows players to sell and buy items and characters, and translate the time spent playing in Litecoin (LTC).

How long does it take to complete a blockchain game?

This question was asked personally to the game development team and the answer was surprising.

In fact, it would take 14 billion years, so an infinite game.

As a result, LiteBringer’s team preferred to focus on longevity in order to keep the player glued to the screen and make them reach ever-higher levels.

But this also means that it is impossible to complete the game, nor upgrade an object to the highest possible level.

It is enough to examine the data and numbers required to play LiteBringer: the characters, in order to go on a mission and thus gain experience, must have a pass that lasts about 1 month, which is measured in blocks, so about 17 thousand blocks. The cost of this pass is 0.002 LTC, which is quite ridiculous when compared to the costs of traditional games that also offer passes for important figures.

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Therefore, playing for 1 month costs 0.002 LTC just for the pass because to this figure must be added the cost of the fee each time the player goes on a mission (about 0.000000014 LTC) and this figure must be multiplied by 17 thousand, so 0.0238 LTC (which already exceed the cost of the pass by 1090%). 

0.0238 + 0.002 = 0.0258 LTC cost per month.

Now just multiply this figure by 12 months, and the result is 0.3096 LTC, which at the current price is about $19, so still in line with the prices of a non-triple AAA game.

But the problems start when the user actually wants to maximize the player and item stats, especially since the missions require more power to move forward and therefore actually oblige the player to upgrade their character or item.

What can be learned from these numbers?

From what can be seen, LiteBringer is a very interesting blockchain game because it allows players to own assets and earn crypto.

No matter how ridiculous the fees may be, both in quantity and value, there is always a constant cost, including the fees to be paid to the Litecoin blockchain.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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