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The Azimut Group launches Azimut Enterprises

The Azimut Group has launched the new company Azimut Enterprises to strengthen its corporate finance business. 

This was revealed by CEO Luca Bocchi, who points out that for some years now the Azimut Group has been expanding its scope to include the real economy and support for businesses. 

With this in mind, the holding company Azimut Enterprises has been transformed into an operating company specializing in corporate finance consulting. 

The new activity will provide strategic advice to companies on investment banking, support in ordinary and extraordinary finance transactions, company valuations, assistance in the processes of sale and acquisition, and reorganization of the capital structure of companies. 

It will provide services to Italian SMEs with a turnover between 5 and 250 million euros, and in particular to those with an expanding business and international vocation.  

In the meantime, the Azimut Group is also expanding into Egypt, where it has launched the private placement of the Azimut Egypt Asset Management bond fund. 

The amount invested, 295 million Egyptian pounds (approximately $19 million), was almost six times higher than expected, leading the company to increase the fund’s cap to 500 million Egyptian pounds. 

According to the CEO of Azimut Egypt, Ahmed Abu Al-Saad, this success is an indicator of the positive interaction of the Egyptian market with the company’s strategy of launching new and diversified investment solutions. 

The CEO of the Azimut Group, Giorgio Medda, has revealed that this success represents the fastest collection achieved by the group in its entire history.

For the Azimut Group, Egypt is one of the most important strategic markets for the near future and wishes to invest in the development of the Egyptian asset management sector. 

Azimut Enterprises did not help the stock

The AZM stock, listed on the Milan stock exchange, is currently suffering, as is the entire Italian equity sector, due to the uncertain outlook with regard to the coronavirus emergency. 

It does not therefore appear to have benefited from either the announcement by Azimut Enterprises or that of Azimut Egypt Asset Management. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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