Bitcoin reaches Italian supermarkets
Bitcoin reaches Italian supermarkets

Bitcoin reaches Italian supermarkets

By Alfredo de Candia - 3 Nov 2020

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The Italian Young Platform, which allows buying crypto assets including Bitcoin, has entered into a partnership with Viacash to enable users to top up their exchange account directly in supermarkets.

This platform, launched several years ago, has made its way into the exchange world and allows users to trade, buy and sell over 20 different crypto assets.

The company is based in Turin and has reached a valuation of 10 million euros.

Young Pro for trading Bitcoin and not only

Furthermore, just a couple of months ago the Pro platform was also launched, aimed at more experienced users, as it is more convenient for traders to have more information when operating with cryptocurrencies.

Even though the platform accepts the more traditional payment methods such as cards and bank transfer, as well as Apple Pay, this new method will make it easier for users to top up their account and buy the various crypto assets offered by the platform, including Bitcoin of course.

The operation is very simple since it will be the users who will have to choose the amount to be charged and then generate the appropriate barcode, and once they have gone to the Penny Market or PAM supermarket chains, they will be able to have it quickly scanned at the checkout, as explained by the CEO of Young Platform, Andrea Ferrero:

“For many people, it is easier and quicker to top up their account at the supermarket checkout while shopping than to transfer funds online, especially if they are new investors”.

The Italian public of Bitcoin

Surely this platform has still a lot to prove, although more than 200 thousand users are already using it and 120 thousand users are expected to enter the Pro platform, demonstrating that there is a strong demand among the Italian public.

In fact, Young has recently entered into a partnership with TerraBitcoin and has put 20 thousand euros up for grabs for the launch of Young Pro.


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