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Gods Unchained: the review of the game

New review for one of the most graphically well made games, even if it has some limits: we are talking about Gods Unchained, which falls into the PvP (Player versus Player) card game category.

The game was developed in the style of Magic the Gathering, and in fact last year the former director of Magic the Gathering, Chris Clay, joined the team of Gods Unchained bringing all his experience in a game that relies heavily on the user experience.

Gods Unchained, the review

This is a free-to-play game, so the only thing needed is a PC, as this game is designed to be played on desktop devices.

At the beginning of the game the player will be given a set of 140 cards that will be used to create a deck. Alternatively, it will be possible to use those already present in the game to interact and try out the features of this game.

Gods Unchained doesn’t only have a PvP mode, both single and competitive, but also allows playing against friends and even with AI.

This is a game that uses the Ethereum blockchain, even if this role is limited only to cards of a certain value: in fact, the cards in the basic set cannot be sold, and only by winning the games and opening the virtual bags we will be able to merge the cards and get more rare and powerful ones.

Gods Unchained has created as many as 6 million cards and therefore as many transactions that have congested the Ethereum network. One of these NFT (Non Fungible Token) cards was sold for as much as $62,000.

Final vote

  • Gameplay: very interesting and varied as the deck and cards allow many combinations, 8/10
  • Ads and item cost: no ads, cost of cards ranging from fractions of ETH to several hundred, 6/10
  • Crypto and blockchain integration: it uses Ethereum but only for buying and selling cards, application only for PC (Windows and Mac), 5/10.

Total Rating: 6


Alfredo de Candia
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