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The latest news about Amazon and the Influencer programme

The famous e-commerce platform, Amazon, has revealed that it has problems with its Influencer program.

But let’s proceed in an orderly fashion.

Amazon recently announced the expansion of its delivery service, in over 4,000 cities, directly into users’ homes, or rather in their garages. It will be enough to have a special device that will allow the delivery man to access the garage through a unique and timed code, so that all packages can be delivered without someone at home waiting for the courier.

Amazon vs Future

However, just as there are positive pieces of news for the brand, recently there has been no lack of negative news, such as the dispute with Future, an Indian platform belonging to billionaire Mukesh Ambani.

Some time ago, in fact, Amazon had bought Future for $3.4 billion, but following the discovery of unfair competition, Amazon blocked the acquisition process and now awaits the court’s judgment. The lawsuit is involving more than 50 attorneys.

Amazon Influencer

As if that wasn’t enough, Amazon also found itself involved in a scam set up by two influencers who participated in the Amazon Associate program that provides a commission to products sold on Amazon through a referral.

These two influencers had decided to use the programme to promote luxury counterfeit merchandise for sale directly on Amazon.

The elaborate scam involved the influencers promoting products sold by a third party. Users following their links and the influencers earned their percentage.

An almost perfect circle if it weren’t for the fact that all the luxury material was counterfeit, a very common practice especially in the fashion industry where it is very easy to trade one product for another.

Black Friday is just around the corner, but so are scams.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Black Friday will soon start on Amazon and other platforms: as usual, it is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in America, which this year falls on November 27th.

During this period it will be even more important to stay vigilant and check the products and prices to see whether the discounts are really convenient or not.

In addition, suppliers and their feedback should always be checked, as some may have only recently arrived on Amazon to take advantage of the event and then disappear into thin air, although in those cases it must be said that Amazon is very careful and provides almost total insurance on possible losses.


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