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McCabe: the CEO of Intercom invests in Bitcoin

The CEO of Intercom, Eoghan McCabe has announced that he has decided to invest in Bitcoin.

McCabe, from Intercom to Bitcoin

The first thing to mention is that Intercom is a company that deals with communication and helps companies by providing them with a messaging service.

McCabe’s tweet shows that his decision to invest in Bitcoin came after a series of legal doubts as to whether or not to embrace this type of investment.

People still usually look at Bitcoin and crypto with a wary eye, seeing them more as a speculative means rather than a useful, decentralized tool to escape a highly centralized, high-cost system.

Among other things, Bitcoin is often linked to malware, viruses, extortion and scams, so it is normal that people think this asset should be avoided. Fortunately, Bitcoin is not only that, in the same way that cash is not.

Having overcome his doubts, the CEO of Intercom also tweets that other people should do the same and start buying Bitcoin.

Pompliano successfully promotes Bitcoin

In doing so, McCabe also promotes Anthony Pompliano‘s famous podcast, The Pomp Podcast, which analyzes the market, conducts interviews and explores many topics related to crypto and blockchain.

Apparently, Pompliano manages to convince a lot of people, including Jim Cramer.

Pompliano is in fact a strong supporter of Bitcoin and by his own admission has over 80% of his assets in BTC.

Bitcoin: price and addresses

Surely this asset has many positive sides that still many people do not know or underestimate, considering that Bitcoin is not yet used by the masses, although its numbers persuade more and more people following the recent price increase.

And indeed, data from Santiment also shows that the number of transactions and addresses is constantly increasing.

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