Bitcoin Cash launches a luxury watch with Franck Muller
Bitcoin Cash launches a luxury watch with Franck Muller

Bitcoin Cash launches a luxury watch with Franck Muller

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 16 Nov 2020

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Bitcoin Cash together with Franck Muller have created a limited and exclusive edition of luxury watches

The special line is called “Free the Money, Free the World” and will be sold on the website.

The watches are designed by Mate Tokay from and Tyler Gallagher from Regal Assets.

Free the Money, Free the World: the features of the Bitcoin Cash watch

The special watch is on sale at the price of 9,900 euros payable only in cryptocurrency. Only 500 copies are available. 

This is actually a special edition of Encrypto, Franck Muller’s previous line of luxury watches dedicated to Bitcoin. On the front, in addition to a B of Bitcoin, there is also a QR code which is the public address of the address while sealed inside the watch there is the private key. The wallet can be customized with the public keys of the buyer’s wallet. It will be sufficient to frame the dial to know the balance of the wallet.

The dial material is titanium, for a width of 41mm, extremely durable. The strap is in black leather with green inserts.

Mate Tokay from, who designed the watch, commented:

“It has been an amazing experience to work with the Franck Muller team to design the world’s first Bitcoin Cash watch. As a watch enthusiast, this challenge meant a lot to me. I truly believe that we have created a one of a kind watch, and I am flattered to say that the feedback has been great so far”.

Tyler Gallagher of Regal Assets added:

“This has been an exciting project and it is beyond an honor to work with, Mate Tokay, and Roger Ver on this. Let’s free the world together”.

The watch has already been worn by many celebrities, among them: 

  • Rapper Young Thug, 
  • YouTuber and gamer star Faze Banks, 
  • The singer-songwriter Kaash Paige, 
  • The rapper and composer Cardi B, 
  • The rapper Swae Lee, 
  • The model and influencer Jordyn Woods, 
  • The hip-hop star Gunna.

Franck Muller and Bitcoin watches

Franck Muller is a brand that represents prestigious Swiss luxury watches. In recent months, after producing the Encrypto line, they had dedicated to Bitcoin the special “The King” line, reserved for those who had already purchased an Encrypto model. 

With Bitcoin Cash and the Free the Money, Free the World model, Franck Muller continues the journey of building luxury watches dedicated to cryptocurrencies


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