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An attack against Bitcoin Cash ABC?

About a week has passed since the fork involving the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, which led to the creation of a new chain, that of Bitcoin Cash ABC, and interesting data on its use and a possible attack are already emerging these days. 

Taking the data of the mined blocks on the different networks, we see that Bitcoin Cash is ahead with a thousand blocks, while Bitcoin Cash ABC has only a hundred and, if this were not enough, the management of mining pools is very uneven, as can be seen from a CoinDance graph.

More than 80% of the mining pools are in the hands of strangers, a fairly high percentage, and from the data of the latest blocks, we see that they are the ones who mine empty blocks and insert a mysterious coinbase:

 H Nov 25th 2020: bcha dump | voluntarism.dev:6174 u/p: x/x 

The date indicated is next November 25th and refers to a price dump of the BCHA crypto that will take place on that very day. Finally, in the string we find the data of a pool, that is a stratum server to which it is possible to connect. 

This data suggests that this group of miners will attempt an attack on Bitcoin Cash ABC on that day.

What will happen to Bitcoin Cash ABC on November 25th

The miners invite users to connect to their pool on that date by entering the data that will be provided (u/p stands for username and password, which are unknown at the moment x/x) although it is not possible to connect at the moment. 

Furthermore, let’s not forget that the power of BCHA’s network has plummeted during this time, touching very low levels, with the network becoming easily susceptible to a 51% attack, since with a few hundred dollars it would be possible to attack this blockchain. 

Now all that remains is to wait until November 25th and see what will happen on that day, whether an attempt will actually be made to send the network offline from the inside or from the outside by making everyone connect to the same pool, creating a properly organized attack.




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