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Escrow Cripto Service lands in Europe with a hedge fund


Escrow Cripto Service LLC, the American company that owns major digital assets, lands in Europe with the establishment of a hedge fund in London to which it will contribute digital assets, especially Bitcoin. It will be possible for individuals and companies to invest in cryptocurrencies in total security and with monthly or quarterly returns.

But that’s not all, an app is also in preparation that will allow users to be always connected with their wallets and investments.

In addition, the company announces that it has completed all the necessary procedures to obtain the SPDI license in Wyoming USA (special purpose depository institution) which will allow to obtain the status of crypto bank by offering wallet custody services, trust services on digital assets and exchange services in a market finally regulated and supervised.

Obtaining the SPDI license would make Escrow Cripto Service LLC the second company in the US to obtain a Crypto bank license, second only to Kraken. All that remains is to wait and take note that a major digital currency platform is emerging, ready to offer and expand the range of services in the cryptocurrency world.


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