Google down worldwide
Google down worldwide
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Google down worldwide

By Alfredo de Candia - 14 Dec 2020

Chevron down

The digital giant Google, and all its services have gone down; this means that both YouTube, Google Docs and even Gmail have been completely unusable for several minutes.

The countries most affected by this problem were Italy, France, England, Japan, part of the United States and part of Brazil.

Google down: a link with the attack on the US Treasury Department

Many people are wondering what caused this problem and are referring to what is happening to the US Treasury Department, which is currently undergoing a very sophisticated attack by some criminal organization, perhaps from Russia, even though the Russian Embassy in the US has rejected the accusations.

We are talking about an attack so sophisticated that according to some sources it could repeat and expand.

The blockchain as a solution

While on the one hand, there is a total shutdown of Google’s centralized platforms, whereby the whole digital ecosystem was offline, on the other hand, we can see that all these problems could be solved by decentralization.

Indeed, blockchain could be a solution that would solve problems of this kind. Let’s not forget that there are several blockchain platforms that operate in a decentralized way, such as Everipedia, or the many platforms for decentralized video or data storage and sharing like BitTorrent.

Blockfolio‘s comment about the Treasury Department is funny:

Even if the problem was only temporary, not all the services have recovered, this shows what happens when we rely solely and exclusively on centralized platforms, such as credit card payments and other digital systems, a real catastrophe that the blockchain could solve.


Alfredo de Candia

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