Italian Wine Crypto Bank: marketing and blockchain
Italian Wine Crypto Bank: marketing and blockchain

Italian Wine Crypto Bank: marketing and blockchain

By Alfredo de Candia - 14 Dec 2020

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A press release announces an event focused on wines and promoted by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB), about the presentation of the project in a webinar to be held on December 18th at 2.00 PM CET.

The project aims to promote Italian wine par excellence in order to promote it all over the world, considering that it is a sector in which Italy is one of the major competitors worldwide.

Wine and blockchain: a close linkĀ 

This is not the first time that a winery has made use of the blockchain. In fact, a few months ago we had already heard about BPPB Winechain for wines from Puglia, OpenVino and Ezlab.

As far as the blockchain is concerned, the project team has stated that it will use Ethereum, though it is not clear how.

The token will therefore probably be an ERC20 and it seems that some form of token sale will also be organized to raise funds.

A spokesperson for the project explained to Cryptonomist:

“In the first phase, the token will have the function of raising funds from investors who believe in the project. The tokens are associated with an asset (the wine that the Bank has in stock). Subsequently the token, in addition to being exchanged, can also be used to purchase the wines of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank with offers dedicated to purchases made with our tokens”.

Who is behind the Italian Wine Crypto Bank

IWCB was founded by TV producer Rosario Scarpato, who has produced 11 editions of the Italian Cuisine and Wine World Summit.

The company is managed by the Hong Kong-based group called The I Factor Limited.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia

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