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Massimo Boldi testimonial for the Fee Only associations

Massimo Boldi is a testimonial for the associations that organize the Fee Only Summit, Nafop and AssoSCF

The ad shows Massimo Boldi opening a special Christmas present: an independent financial advisor. 

In the video, the voiceover emphasises the concept of independence. Usually, financial advisors work for the bank, while independent advisors serve the interests of their clients (and not those of the bank). 

At the end of the video, the sender of the special gift is revealed: the associations of independent financial advisors, Nafop and AssoSCF. The final slogan reads:

“On the side of investors”.

While Massimo Boldi closes with a wish that is a reference to his films:

“Merry Christmas cipollini”.

Massimo Boldi with Nafop, AssoSCP and the Fee Only Summit

The associations of independent financial advisors Nafop and AssoSCF have been organizing the Fee Only Summit for years. This year the event was in a “limited edition” version and in virtual format due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

From 9 AM. to 7 PM CEST. on December 16th, the event consisted of technical speeches, round tables, social and geopolitical insights. At the heart of it all was the theme of investment and financial advice. 

Last year, when the event was held in person, 140 speakers spoke in front of 1,500 participants

Nafop is an association founded in 2005 that brings together independent financial advisors (known as fee-only, because they are paid only by the client through fees). The association has fought numerous battles for the recognition and protection of the profession. In 2018 it obtained the creation of the Albo Unico dei Consulenti Finanziari (Single Register of Financial Advisors) in which there is a special section dedicated to independent advisors. 

AssoSCF is an acronym representing the association of independent financial advisory firms. Created in 2018, like Nafop it aims to regulate the profession and protect those who carry it out. Its bylaws state: 

“our members do not carry out any placement activities, have no relationship with those who sell financial products and only provide advice and assistance to their clients for the proper planning of their assets”.

The choice of Massimo Boldi for his Christmas wishes will encourage people to reflect on the importance of the figure of the independent financial advisor. 


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