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Kim Dotcom, Bitcoin Cash and blockchain technology

Kim Dotcom, famous for his Megaupload empire, has recently approached cryptocurrencies, and one has impressed him in particular: Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

In fact, it was immediately clear to the computer scientist that in the immense crypto landscape, the best choice as a secure, fast and cheap payment instrument was not Bitcoin but its fork that includes the original aspects of the project, accusing several times Bitcoin’s maximalists of working against it.

Supporters of Bitcoin Cash believe that Satoshi Nakamoto’s goal in writing the Bitcoin whitepaper was to have a payment method and indeed the title of the whitepaper, ‘Electronic Cash System’, would suggest this.

Instead, BTC is more like digital gold 2.0, rather than an online payment instrument, as fees are high and transactions are not always fast.

Kim Dotcom and trust in Bitcoin Cash

Whereas Bitcoin Cash, both in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness compared to bitcoin, has incredible potential, as pointed out by Kim himself.

And that is why Kim predicts a price 10 times higher than today’s, exceeding $3000 per single unit of BCH by 2021.

Kim is not new to crypto and in the past he supported Bitcoin, although in a different version from the one we know today. In 2013, Kim predicted that it would be the currency of the future, but now according to him, only a crypto like Bitcoin Cash is eligible to become one.

Finally, the pandemic and the US government deciding to print new dollars out of thin air has only helped to bring the masses closer to cryptocurrencies as the only fair system open to all, with no entity to decide their issuance or value.

Although the goal of mass adoption seems far away, in recent years cryptocurrencies have now shaken off the halo of being a system exclusive to criminals and is seen as something useful and revolutionary for any sector, including being integrated into Kim’s recent platform bearing the same name.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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