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Kim Dotcom integrates Bitcoin Cash

Through a press release issued by KIM, a platform created by the famous Kim Dotcom from the famous Megaupload, we learn about the integration of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to support the related project.

KIM was launched in 2016 and raised as much as 850 thousand euros during the related token sale that took place on the Bitfinex platform. The tokens would be locked and not tradable; the token ticker is KDC and it stands for Kim Development Coin.

The platform in question aims to monetize digital content, both for those who produce it and for those who use that information, whether it is shared on a web page or on a social media, in a system in which we find the creators, the consumers and a platform to access and download the content.

The platform has several systems and blockchains integrated including already Bitcoin and Lightning Network and Liquid Network.

And now this is where the integration of Bitcoin Cash on the platform starts as well, scheduled to launch by 2021. This will allow KIM to have higher speed, extremely low fees and good usability.

Kim Dotcom adds utility to Bitcoin Cash

Certainly a boost for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and crypto, as mentioned by Roger Ver:

“Dotcom has always been ahead of the rest of the market and that people should pay attention to his predictions. When you look at interest in BTC these days, a lot of it comes in trying to chase its historic investment gains. As long as the price keeps going up, there is going to be a lot of interest. But what happens when people want to start actually using it to pay for things? They will discover the limitations of Bitcoin and look for an asset that can be both an investment and a true peer-to-peer payment system like Bitcoin was originally meant to be. That’s what Bitcoin Cash is.”

Kim himself has been positive about this crypto:

“My opinion is that crypto use is on the rise and BCH is in a good position to accumulate market share. For me it’s simple: The more users you have the more value you have. The winners in the crypto race will be decided by vendors and users. Focus on the fundamental question: What do vendors and users want? Low fees, fast transactions, high security and ease of use”. 

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Alfredo de Candia
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