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A new STO for the Infinite Fleet game. Tether major investor

Luxembourg-based Exordium, creator of the new sci-fi multiplayer game called Infinite Fleet, today announced the launch of its Security Token Offering (STO) for the European market, with Tether as the largest investor.

The STO is currently running on the STOKR platform. Each EXOeu token has a value of $0.50. 

Infinite Fleet previously raised $3.1 million in a private fundraising round in which Litecoin’s Charlie Lee and Max Keiser also invested.

As mentioned, the round is currently led by Tether International Limited, the company behind the most famous US dollar-backed stablecoin in the crypto market, which has invested $1 million in EXOeu.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether, said:

“As a former MMORPG game developer myself, I see great potential in the application of crypto assets to multiplayer online games. It is a perfect match of two rapidly growing digital sectors with tremendous upside. Samson Mow and his team are veterans with proven track records in both fields, with a clear vision of what they want to achieve.”

How Exordium’s Infinite Fleet game works

Infinite Fleet is an online strategy game where users can connect and compete in multiplayer mode. The goal is to create a fleet of spaceships and defend against aliens.

The game is part of the so-called real-time strategy (RTS) and is inspired by MMO classics such as Homeworld and EVE Online, but integrates crypto as an in-game payment method.

The token was created by Blockstream, a company famous for creating the sidechain of Bitcoin, Liquid.

Arnab Naskar, Co-Founder and Business Lead of STOKR, explained:

“Security tokens like EXOeu are changing the way companies fundraise. Unlike Kickstarter, investors in security tokens receive real financial rights in the company in which they are investing. STOKR is designed to support companies to reach out to their user base and access fundraising from a wider network. With the Ethereum gas fee skyrocketing at the moment, platforms like Blockstream AMP are ideal for issuing tokenized securities.”

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