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From museums to NFTs: Federico Clapis enters crypto art

Federico Clapis (born in Milan on April 4, 1987) is an Italian contemporary artist.

He has been active in the digital world for more than ten years. Clapis relates to his artistic process as a materialization of his own path, a medium of introspection to be shared with his followers.

His adventure with cryptocurrencies began in 2018 following a commission from an industry partner (Eidoo) sponsoring a huge bronze sculpture aimed at representing the future of humankind.

Thus was born “Crypto Connection”, a monumental work exhibited first at Observation Point in London (South Bank district square), then at Oxo Tower Wharf.

The press of the sector talked about it and the image went around the world on social networks.

The artist thus became interested in blockchain and became a keen advocate of it, starting to observe the early beginnings of NFTs such as CryptoKitties and Cyberpunk.

Now it seems that the time is ripe and the enthusiasm of insiders suggests that solid foundations are now being created in the field of digital art.

And now the good news that allows us to glimpse a convergence between the institutional world of the art market and the crypto market. 

The works of Federico Clapis go digital

His best-known works, exhibited in museums and galleries, will soon take digital form and mark his entry into crypto art, for which he has big plans for growth and dissemination.

The first release is already scheduled for next week. The key element in Federico’s life is his focus on the future and his love of change. In fact, he began his career in a completely unique way, opening up new itineraries and horizons in the world of art.

For years, Clapis worked “undercover”, producing viral videos on social networks and racking up millions of followers and views.

In 2015, at the height of his popularity, he decided to retire from the world of entertainment and turned his online presence into a tool for disseminating his artistic projects, which had been kept hidden until then.

In 2010 he embarked on a long inner journey aimed at exploring the most intimate conditions of the human soul. He lived in an ashram in India and continued his research in the West through various existential paths.

Technology, a recurring theme in his best-known works, becomes a contemporary metaphor for exploring our timeless emotional states.

The artist invites his online audience every day to write and share on social networks what each work arouses in them, considering the collective act of externalization as an integral part of the artistic intention.

Sculptures, installations and video art thus become vehicles for a deeper adventure, to discover a shared interiority between artist and observer.

Will he succeed in transferring his success to crypto art? 

We believe so.

Amelia Tomasicchio
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