SpiderDAO Partners with Xangle
SpiderDAO Partners with Xangle

SpiderDAO Partners with Xangle

By Crypto Advertising - 6 Feb 2021

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Decentralized VPN service provider SpiderDAO has started working with Xangle, a company that specializes in digital assets insights and crypto disclosures. Xangle will provide SpiderDAO’s partners with access to its global crypto asset disclosure platform for crucial information and data about SpiderDAO.

“We are determined to give a transparent, reliable, and user-friendly interface to our clients for data access and procurement. The team-up with Xangle will help SpiderDAO deliver important company-based information and disclosure seamlessly,” said SpiderDAO founder and CEO Nathan Varty.

Xangle provides Due Diligence reports that help investors make decisions. The company also has an automated disclosure feed called Xangle T!cker, which is produced in partnership with several crypto exchanges including Bithumb, Bitfinex, and Gopax. The feed provides all recent disclosures on each token. SpiderDAO’s token SPDR will now be added to the Xangle T!cker. 

This partnership announcement comes just days after Xangle released a report stating that crypto scams are responsible for more than $16 billion in lost funds in the last 8 years. With the Xangle service inclusion, SpiderDAO wants its users to be confident that the project provides regular disclosures and updates. 

SpiderDAO is a decentralized VPN service provider and blockchain platform focused on bringing online privacy to the end-user. As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), it implements a  multi-layered governance setup based on hardware and software tools on top of a fair and resilient hardware-based DAO built on Polkadot. The SpiderDAO Dashboard, SPDR Token, and SpiderConnect Router come together to create a robust, scalable, and community-driven ecosystem.

Xangle provides project information as well as information about on-chain transactions per user on its channel. With a strong asset portfolio constituting more than sixty crypto projects globally, Xangle has managed to mark its presence in the industry. It offers important facts and figures of over 2300 projects, out of which 460 projects are giving direct information on the website. Leading crypto exchanges like Bithumb, Bitfinex, OKEX, Liquid, Coinone, Korbit, etc, are using Xangle services to give information access to their investors.

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