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NETHER: The global payment system

Nether is not only a digital currency, but also a global payment system supported by a financial and commercial infrastructure that incentivizes trading and benefits billions of people. 

The development of the project has already been underway for some time, such that the official listing date originally set for 20/01/2024 has been gradually reduced in light of a strong development of the project that will lead to listing by 2021, with interesting and unexpected developments expected. 

Behind the Nether project is the Netheru Organization, which is a digital, free and independent organization that anyone can join, respecting the protocols of security and integrity in accordance with the law. 

The Netheru Organization has no owners, because it is controlled directly by all Nether users. The same developers who work on improving the software, cannot impose changes to the rules of the Netheru protocol, because all users are free to choose which software to use. 

The aim is to break down costs, limitations and barriers, favouring and incentivizing trading thanks to a new generation blockchain technology, which implements the added value of artificial intelligence in its processes. 

For this reason, the Netheru incentive system is unique in the world, thanks for example to the use of PoAI (Proof of Artificial Intelligence) that allows the Netheru blockchain to stand apart from the approaches adopted by other blockchain projects. 

Nether is the project’s cryptocurrency, situated in the De-Fi industry, but with the aim of building an economic and financial ecosystem that is sustainable over time, and not just for short-term speculation. 

The fundraising, unlike other ICOs, began in December 2018, and will end the third quarter of this year. Within the year Nether will be listed on many exchanges.

Already to date, many companies are building their businesses using the layouts on Netheru’s blockchain. For example, in the field of agriculture there is Olisir, a pioneer in agriculture 4.0, while in the field of technology there is the Royal Referral, which offers turnkey server rental for the creation and management of Masternodes. In the real estate sector, there is the Tokenopoli platform, which tokenizes real estate in the world’s most prestigious areas (such as Dubai), and another new platform is being launched for crypto loans on blockchain for individuals and businesses: NO SCORING.

It will also be possible to create new tokens on Netheru to raise funds through a special app. 

Also in development are: the first Blockchain Messaging App with the highest levels of Privacy (World Exclusive), Travel App with coin, Giftcard App and a completely Anonymous Wallet.  

For this very reason, Netheru unites cryptocurrencies with real commerce also thanks to an innovative feature of the blockchain, which protects consumers and sellers by incentivizing them with cashback on every use allowing for a multi-lateral advantage in mass adoption. 

A unique and non-manipulable system to overcome the current excessive power of the economic and financial lobbies.  

Netheru is the first and only company specializing in the development of intelligent software capable of building gigantic communities around products and services.  Until now, creating a large community has only been possible for companies with large amounts of capital, but Netheru also offers start-ups the opportunity to access technologies that allow them to develop a loyal community. In addition, the new “iLeverage” system is available, capable of multiplying your coins by X10 until the day of listing, becoming directly a node of the blockchain. 

Netheru Organization is an integral part of the revolution that is about to begin.