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Bitfinex launches Historical Funding Book for trading

The Bitfinex exchange has collected a lot of trading data since its founding in 2012 and has decided to make it available to its traders by launching a new historical funding book feature in its algorithms on the Bitfinex Terminal.

The Bitfinex Terminal is a real-time data feed that allows users to test their trading ideas.

This will make it easier for traders to find all the data on the exchange, without having to consult dozens of other websites to build their cryptocurrency trading strategies.

In essence, this Historical funding book data consists of snapshots taken every 5 seconds since the exchange was founded.

 Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex, explained the news as follows:

“The addition of funding book data further expands the breadth of data tools available to inform sophisticated automated trading strategies. As an exchange, we’re providing our growing user base with trading tools that have historically been the exclusive preserve of investment funds. Through such innovations, we’re democratising access to financial markets.” 

How to get the historical funding book of Bitfinex

This historical funding book data can be purchased on Bitfinex using bitcoin as a payment method via the second layer Lightning Network (LN-BTC), or by paying in Tether (USDt) or UNUS SED LEO, at a cost of USD $0.02, 100 satoshi or 0.0015 UNUS SED LEO per hour, per data set.

The latest news on Bitfinex

As usual at the centre of the storm, today it was reported that the stablecoin Tether received a ransom demand of 500 bitcoin, threatening to publish (fake) documents that “could damage the Bitcoin ecosystem”.

Obviously, Tether did not pay these cybercriminals, and so fake documents concerning Tether itself have been circulating on the Internet for some hours now.

So it seems that the detractors of this stablecoin are not going to rest in peace, even after the closure of the lawsuit brought by the New York Attorney General against the iFinex group. 

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