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Bitcoin drops and Powell is being patient on rising bond rates

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell 4% in conjunction with comments made by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell regarding his stance on rising bond yields

Powell reportedly acknowledged during a Wall Street Journal webinar that he would be concerned about a disruption in financial conditions as rising US government bond yields put upward pressure on borrowing costs.

A concern, however, that is not triggering any action from the Fed at the moment, with its Chairman stating as follows: 

“We will be patient. We’re still a long way from our goals.”

It is fair to say that Powell’s comments are among the latest from a US central banker before the Fed enters its blackout on public comments ahead of its policy meeting on March 16th-17th.

The general reaction from traders remains one of disappointment that the Fed chairman did not provide any specifics on what they might possibly do to lower long-term rates.

Indeed, the dollar continued to rise and US equities fell further. Meanwhile, 10-year Treasuries extended their losses and inflation expectations reached new period highs.

And on the subject of inflation, many disappointed new traders may be taking refuge in Bitcoin, which quadrupled in price last year and is up 66% this year. 

Jerome Powell, Bitcoin and US inflation

It is no news that the queen of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, has also been brought to the table as a digital asset to hedge against inflation in the face of trillions of dollars of money printing by central banks around the world.

Especially in the American scenario, with the dollar being the world’s reference currency, Jerome Powell’s policies could influence Bitcoin

The more Powell pushes for dollar inflation to rise, or remain relatively high, the more the price of bitcoin should benefit as a result. 

Just last year, Anthony Pompliano, highlighted this discussion with a tweet in which he marvelled at the fact that the Fed and other central banks were printing fiat during bitcoin’s halving


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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