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This Token is Outperforming BTC and ETH. Act Fast!


All anyone in the financial community has been talking about over the last year has been Bitcoin, which shot skyward, smashing through all previous records to then take a dive earlier this week, losing around 20% of its value. The drop in altitude may lead to an even greater pullback if the coin is seen to have been overstretched, with the recent rally.

Many altcoins have also grown in the wake of Bitcoin’s success. The cryptocurrency market is gaining legitimacy and popularity with institutional investors making digital assets a standard part of their portfolios. Crypto has a clear function in the capital markets and is here to stay, but short-term volatility is still an issue with many coins disappearing altogether when they do not have real value and usability to sustain them.

What Matters for in a Cryptocurrency

However exciting the potential of a new token, if the company behind it is untrustworthy, has lax security protocols, or a less than stellar reputation, it will quickly disappear without a trace. Unfortunately, the under-regulated crypto arena has long suffered from fraud and hacks, so you only want to invest in tokens belonging to fully licensed, secure and transparent brands.

You also need to be sure that the technology behind the token functions expertly, is disruptive, and meets a real need, This ties in to the issue of long-term appreciation, as genuine added value leads to growing popularity for the company and profitability for owners of the token powering the platform.

One token quietly, but steadily gaining ground is RBIS, the native token of ArbiSmart, an EU licensed, fully automated crypto arbitrage platform, which has already tripled in value.

To provide a little background, crypto arbitrage is considered to be one of the lowest risk forms of investing as it does not leave you vulnerable to crypto market volatility. Instead, it generates profits by taking advantage of price inefficiencies, which are brief windows of time, often lasting just a few minutes, when a coin is available, across crypto exchanges, at different prices at the same time.

The ArbiSmart platform is connected to 35 different exchanges which it scans 24 hours a day, tracking the prices of hundreds of coins, to identify and exploit price inefficiencies. It will then automatically buy the coin on the exchange where it is available for the lowest price and then sell it on the exchange where the price is highest to make a profit before the market adjusts and the temporary price inefficiency resolves itself.

Usability is critical, as it is the key to the long-term viability of any cryptocurrency, and this is where ArbiSmart really shines.  All you need to do is sign up and deposit funds. You can then get on with the rest of your day and the platform takes over from there, earning you a passive income. Your funds are swapped into RBIS for use crypto arbitrage trading and you earn a profit ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year depending on the amount you invested.

Crypto arbitrage profits are steady, generous and predictable so the company Accounts page, is able to lay out in advance precisely how much you will earn per month and per year, based on your account level. Profits can be withdrawn in EUR or GBP, directly to your bank account, or in BTC, ETH or USDT, straight to your e-wallet.

Your profits come not only from crypto arbitrage and compound interest on those earnings, but also from the increasing value of the RBIS token, which has already risen steadily by 350% in the two years since it was introduced. The token is on schedule to be listed at the end of 2021 and is projected to rise to 20 times the current price over this year, as the company has a number of developments in the pipeline, with RBIS on track to gain several utilities by the end of the year, as new services are launched.

The Importance of Supply and Demand

Like Bitcoin, the total amount of RBIS that can ever be created is strictly limited, with a cap of 450 million RBIS. Therefore, as demand climbs, with the ever-growing popularity and liquidity of the platform, supply will drop, driving the price higher, helping the token appreciate.

Once the RBIS token is listed on exchanges, you will need to either already own RBIS, or purchase it through a crypto exchange, to use the ArbiSmart system. As a result, the RBIS price will eventually be determined entirely by Arbismart’s clients. The platform already offers an incredibly low-risk opportunity providing unmatched profits. Unlike swing traders, ArbiSmart clients are not buying tokens to make a quick, speculative profit. Instead, they want a passive monthly income, while benefiting from a steady, long-term investment and since the value of RBIS is continuing to rise they will have no incentive to sell their coins. Listing is sure to reduce supply and increase demand further ensuring an even higher rise in the RBIS price.

Why It’s Important to Get in on the Ground Floor

The RBIS token has increased in value at an incredible rate even though it is not yet listed on the exchanges, due to the growing popularity of the ArbiSmart platform. In fact, according to analysts it is on track to outperform BTC and ETHover the long term.  If you want to start profiting from the rising price, you  simply sign up with ArbiSmart, using EUR/GBP, via credit card or wire transfer, or with BTC/ ETH/USDT , via your e-wallet.

Appreciation is central to making a profit in crypto as any Bitcoin owner will tell you. A new token is going to sink or swim depending on whether it serves a valuable function in a healthy ecosystem with a growing userbase.  Buying in at an affordable price, before demand outstrips supply and it shoots up in value, will then be essential if you want to get the best returns on your investment.

If you started investing with ArbiSmart in early 2019 when the company launched the token, you’ve now more than tripled your profits, and that is before counting your crypto arbitrage earnings of up to 45% a year and the compound interest on those profits.

Now worth over 3.5 EUR, RBIS is maintaining its steady growth, as demand rises, and ArbiSmart adds to its products and services in 2021.

Another factor in the company’s favor is that even when the market is crashing, crypto arbitrage opportunities continue to emerge and generate profits. While the crypto market has taken a hit recently, the RBIS token price keeps rising, providing a great way for you to hedge your funds against a bearish market.

Don’t miss your chance. Make a deposit today!

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