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Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT sold for $290,000

The Cristiano Ronaldo Unique 20-21 NFT card from Sorare has just sold for $290,000

This is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Unique card for the current 2020/2021 Juventus season. 

To date, this purchase makes Cristiano Ronaldo Unique 20-21 the most expensive football trading card ever, but also the most expensive sports NFT in the world (for now). 

The card was purchased by Sorare user camembert, who already owns dozens of other cards, including Zidane’s Unique, and Neymar’s Common. 

Camembert stated: 

“99 % of people probably think it is stupid to spend so much on something that you cannot ‘touch’. My parents don’t get it and think I am a bit crazy. When I was a kid, I used to collect panini cards but this is a far better version; you can see it as a collectible and also play with the cards and get rewards. Furthermore, you can easily sell them back to anyone in the world instantly. 

I would personally never buy a Picasso but I was very happy to invest 300,000 USD in my idol. Teenagers spend more than 7 hours a day on a screen, so it seems natural that younger generations want to collect things online. Cristiano Ronaldo has 5 Ballon d’Or, is the first footballer billionaire, won 5 Champions League and owns the largest instagram account in the world with 270 million followers. He is also an example of discipline and will be a football legend forever. This purchase was not motivated by speculation, I do not plan to sell anytime soon. For me, Cristiano is priceless”.

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What is even more curious is that there are many other cards for sale on Sorare at similar prices, although these are only listing prices, and not actual purchase prices, as in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo Unique 20-21. 

For example, the Unique card of Inter Milan player Lautaro Martínez 2020-21 is on sale for €256,000, while the Unique card of Real Madrid player Martin Ødegaard 2020-21 is on sale for €227,000. 

There is also a historic Unique card, featuring West Ham player Trevor Brooking from the 1979-80 season, on sale for €376,000. 

It is worth mentioning that purchases are made in ETH, so only large holders of this cryptocurrency can actually afford these purchases. 

One last thing: there is actually already another Unique card of Cristiano Ronaldo, namely the one from last season 2019/2020, and there will presumably be others, i.e. one for each season played by the Portuguese player. It is likely that the ones with the most value will, over time, be those related to his most successful seasons.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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