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Reimagine, Pinko’s fashion goes on the blockchain

Taking “leftover” garments, reusing the fabrics, making them unique and certified: this is what the Italian fashion brand Pinko has done, making use of Luxochain’s blockchain for this particular initiative.

This is how Reimagine was born, the special capsule of clothes made by recycling old garments, thanks to the collaboration of British designer Patrick McDowell. Together with him, Pinko’s creative director Caterina Negra has created this special collection, which starts by recovering leftover, unsold garments and developing upcycling, i.e. the reuse of fabrics that have been given a new life. 

With Reimagine, Pinko has reused 4,000 metres of fabric that were destined for the scrap heap, dedicating 6-12 hours of work to each garment.

Each garment is unique and has been certified via blockchain, allowing the final buyer to confirm the exclusivity of their purchase. They will also be able to trace the genesis of that garment thanks to the smartphone and the NFC chip inserted in the tag. The tag is also special: it is made of a type of paper that sprouts when planted and watered. 

Pinko chooses the Luxochain blockchain

This service is registered on the Luxochain blockchain and is called Verified by Virgo.  

Luxochain once again proves to be central to luxury brands, contributing to a much-discussed topic such as anti-waste.

Recycling, transparency towards the consumer: this is the heart of Reimagine, as Pinko’s creative director Caterina Negra explains:

“It has always been very important to me to create new collections that are consistent with my vision and aesthetic, however I am also aware of our responsibility within the fashion industry. This is why I am proud to have promoted this pioneering project that aims at a responsible approach and triggers a transparent dialogue between the brand and an increasingly aware consumer”. 

Luxochain once again proves to be central to luxury brands, contributing to a much-discussed topic such as anti-waste.

In this regard, CEO Davide Baldi explains

“Our blockchain is designed to serve the specific needs of luxury and fashion brands. The customer increasingly needs authenticity and transparency, and our job is to provide the most effective technology possible, breaking down costs and barriers due to complexity of use.”

Blockchain is ultimately not just the technology behind Bitcoin. It is also a system that can be very useful to brands and consumers. Davide Baldi adds that blockchain:  

“can actually address the need for transparency, authenticity and sustainability of end consumers, and our goal is to work together with brands to build a better, transparent and secure shopping experience”.


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