Polarity.Exchange, the DEX with 2FA
Polarity.Exchange, the DEX with 2FA

Polarity.Exchange, the DEX with 2FA

By Crypto Advertising - 18 Mar 2021

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Polarity.Exchange is a multi-layer decentralized wallet and exchange with two-factor authentication (2FA)

This makes it extremely secure, as not only do users remain in full and exclusive possession of all their funds at all times, but their accounts are protected with a higher level of security. 

It is based on the capabilities of its native blockchain, Turtle Network, which allows, for instance, the protection of users’ proprietary wallets with on-chain two-factor authentication. 

The operation, explained by CEO Tony Nguyen, is complex from a strictly technical point of view, but easy to use for the end-user. 

The result is a decentralized exchange with high-security on-chain exchanges, capable of handling hundreds of transactions per second that are multi-chain, i.e. with several assets that natively reside on other blockchains. 

It also has fixed exchange fees of 0.01 USDT, and consistent liquidity. It also allows for HFT (High Frequency Trading). 

It also offers users various rewards, as it publicly displays various performance rankings. 

As it is a decentralized exchange, it does not require KYC, so users are anonymous and can only be identified by the public address of their wallet. 

For example, looking at the rankings for the past 3 months, the top performer is 3Jbf7C9YjxVW1ouL57Rfxwkr35ZCGfLJLSx with a return of over 1,600%, followed by 3JeApw5XEubSbZdqeT9iESGeXdZ1SntSTJG with 147%, and 3JebRyo1vmcwrKgzy4oDtUYE2ayrSCFZKox with 100%. 

In addition, the exchange offers users the ability to monitor profits and losses directly on their wallet dashboard. 

One really interesting aspect is the supported DApps

In fact, not only are there a number of intelligent scripts that can be used freely, but it is also possible to upload a DApp following the instructions on GitHub.

In fact, thanks to Polarity UI, it is possible to dynamically generate the user interface for a DApp based on data input via the “pspec” DApp. In this way, it is possible to allow interaction with DApps and lower the entry barrier for participants in the ecosystem. 

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