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Blockeras: the new bartering in blockchain

Blockeras is a blockchain platform dedicated to commerce, which harnesses the features of the technology.

Indeed, blockchain offers an abundance of opportunities in many sectors due to its innovative features that make transactions secure, fast and without third-party intervention. One sector that could greatly benefit from these important innovations is the trade sector, which has been severely challenged by the pandemic. 

E-commerce has grown exponentially during the pandemic, and it could not have been otherwise given the closures and lockdowns introduced to contain the pandemic. 

When it comes to e-commerce, one of the limitations of this form of commerce is precisely the security of transactions and the trust of users. 

Blockchain could therefore be the solution to many of these problems, and this is what Cesare Florio must have thought, a great expert and committed follower of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, who founded a new innovative blockchain project that could revolutionise e-commerce in the coming years.

His idea is based on the old practice of bartering between companies, which had great success, especially in the advertising world in the first decade of the 2000s.

Bartering, or the exchange of advertising merchandise, is an increasingly popular practice because it is effective and convenient: companies are allowed to pay for the purchase of advertising space with their own products and/or services. 

The merchandise is allocated in accordance with the constraints agreed with the client/advertiser, who in return gets the advertising space identified by the media planner, resulting in a reciprocal billing offset. 

Blockeras, the blockchain platform for bartering

Bartering is undergoing a further technological evolution with Blockeras, a token-based bartering platform. The company’s goal is to create a trading circuit that can help people save money on their purchases. The circuit is an ecosystem in which the consumer and the retailer are united to reap significant benefits. The Blockeras ecosystem is a hybrid between a Barter circuit and a normal commercial circuit. 

Unlike classic Barter circuits, the ecosystem does not compensate for commercial credits while dispensing currency (TOKEN BLK) to merchants, but does so on a non-refundable basis. The private individuals who buy the BLK token in the ICO will see their purchasing power increase exponentially. Within the circuit, the merchant will accept the BLK token for payment at 100%, as it is not a discount voucher. 

The private individual will use the BLK tokens exactly as if they were Euros, and will be able to speculate on future purchases in the form of savings. On the other hand, merchants who decide to join the Blockeras circuit have a dual interest. On the one hand, they will have the opportunity to increase their turnover and thus the revenue with new customers who normally would not know of their existence, and on the other hand, at least in the ICO phase, they can buy tokens in the form of an exchange of merchandise.

The aim of Blockeras is to ensure that BLK token holders save money on future purchases. The habits of the merchants will remain the same, i.e. they will continue to issue regular receipts or electronic invoices in euros and will enter the proceeds in BLK tokens in their receipts.

The merchant and the private individual will have a direct relationship without any intermediary in the commercial negotiations to buy and sell a good or service. In short, a sustainable and advantageous ecosystem that could revolutionize not only traditional bartering but also traditional e-commerce itself. Following a testing period, the launch is planned for September.


Vincenzo Cacioppoli
Vincenzo Cacioppoli
Vincenzo was born in Genova but lived most of his life in Milan. He has a degree in political science. He is a journalist, blogger, writer, and marketing and digital advertising expert. After a long experience in traditional marketing, he started working with the web and digital advertising in 2011, creating a company called Le enfants. Passionate about the web and innovation, in 2018 he started exploring the topics related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Independent cryptocurrency trader since March 2018, he now collaborates with companies in the sector as a content marketing specialist. In his blog. mediateccando.blogspot.com, he has long been primarily focused on blockchain, which he considers to be the greatest technological innovation after the Internet. His first book about blockchain and fintech is scheduled for release in November.