Cardano, Dogecoin and RSR Price Analysis
Cardano, Dogecoin and RSR Price Analysis

Cardano, Dogecoin and RSR Price Analysis

By R.L. Bryer - 11 May 2021

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Dogecoin price was an exemplary example of the old phrase ‘buy the rumor and sell the news’ on Saturday night. 

Elon Musk has been touting the number one meme asset of all-time for a while now and a lot of people anticipated he would boost Doge during his Saturday Night Live appearance. 

However, that failed to materialize and Doge has been in a freefall since a few hours before the show aired. 

Dogecoin price after Elon Musk SNL

The price is currently -16.4% for the last 24 hours and -36.9% from it’s all-time high made just 4 days ago. 

Doge has certainly given rise to a number of ‘knockoff’ dog meme coins. On Monday, Shiba INU [$0.00003594] made a major move and is +156.76% at the time of writing for the last 24 hours. With the recent success of Doge there is no shortage of coins trying to mimic Doge’s success and cash-in on the craze. 

Doge [$.451] closed Monday’s daily candle -21.3% with a market capitalization of $58,247,938,138. Doge market cap dominance is 2.48%. 

Reserve Rights Token price

Reserve Rights Token [RSR] has been one of the most measured and steady climbers in crypto since the onset of this bull market. 

At the time of writing, RSR is +2475.7% over the last 12 months. Monday was a bloody day across the markets and RSR wasn’t exempt from red figures – RSR has posted -13.3% losses over the last 24 hours.

The good news for RSR’s long term holders is that if you’ve owned this asset for the last 12 months then you purchased it for fractions of a single cent. 

RSR is the #110 ranked coin by market capitalization and is -34.6% from its ATH made 25 days ago of $.117424. Even with the pullback the total market cap is still hanging onto $1 billion and is currently $1,008,418,516. 

Cardano (ADA) value

While the world is still waiting for smart contract functionality on Cardano, the ADA token has performed as well as anything excluding Doge in the Top 10 by market capitalization. 

ADA is +3330.9% for the last calendar year and just made a new ATH on Sunday of $1.82. It is currently down -10.2% from its ATH at $1.62 and ranked #7 by market cap.

TradingView’s ‘Technicals’ indicator is leaning towards a moderate buy zone on ADA. 

The market cap of ADA is $52,397,702,438 and its market cap dominance is 2.15%. 

R.L. Bryer

Since 2009, the onset of the bitcoin network, R.L. Bryer has been covering the space. He is the author of Blockchain: Project Renaissance Volume I and II. He's also been the guest of countless bitcoin and cryptocurrency related podcasts throughout the world. Every opportunity, he speaks on or writes about Austrian Economics and how bitcoin is the world's preeminent money.

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