Tom Brady backs Bitcoin: laser eyes on Twitter
Tom Brady backs Bitcoin: laser eyes on Twitter

Tom Brady backs Bitcoin: laser eyes on Twitter

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 11 May 2021

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NFL star Tom Brady has added laser eyes to his Twitter profile, revealing that he is a Bitcoin supporter.

It all started last May 9 when the Twitter profile of Jason Yanowitz, co-founder of the Blockworks newspaper, “spoiled” that Tom Brady had bought Bitcoin: 

The fact that the football player himself retweeted the post suggested that the suspicions were well-founded. 

The final confirmation came yesterday when Tom Brady changed his Twitter profile picture to one with laser eyes. That suggests that he may have a position in Bitcoin and that he is undoubtedly a fan of it. 

Tom Brady, Bitcoin and laser eyes

The laser-eye fad on Twitter exploded a few months ago, at the same time as Bitcoin’s hype towards $60,000. Many BTC supporters have updated their Twitter profiles by putting up photos with laser eyes, indicating a belief that Bitcoin could soon reach $100,000. The Winklevoss brothers, US Senator Cynthia Lummis, Michael Saylor and many others have done so. 

As Microstrategy’s CEO explained:

Laser eyes proclaim a technology to guarantee the human rights of life, liberty, & property. Laser eyes channel action even as they protect from dilutive distraction. Laser eyes signal intent to make #Bitcoin an instrument of economic empowerment”.

Yesterday it was the turn of National Football League star Tom Brady, also known as GOAT (an acronym that does not refer to the goat but stands for greatest of all times, a tribute to the six super bowls he has won so far). 

Tom Brady is not a newcomer to the world of cryptocurrency. In recent months he has announced the launch of his own NFT sales platform called Autograph. It will be a space that will bring together the worlds of sport and art to sell digital collectables, including works by Tom Brady. 

Crypto in football

Tom Brady becomes the third NFL star to grapple with Bitcoin. Before him, two stars had announced that their salaries would be paid in Bitcoin: Russell Okung and Sean Culkin. Who knows, Tom Brady might not announce something similar soon. 


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