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NFL, even Sean Culkin will be paid in bitcoin

Another NFL star has chosen to be paid in Bitcoin: Sean Culkin of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

After Russell Okung, the list of athletes, and in particular football players, choosing Bitcoin as a way of getting paid is growing. Sean Culkin announced this on his Twitter profile in which he stated: 

“I fully believe Bitcoin is the future of finance and I wanted to prove that I have real skin in the game — not just trying to make a quick buck. I will be converting my entire 2021 NFL salary to Bitcoin”.

Browsing through the various tweets, one can see that Sean Culkin is a fan of Bitcoin. The feed also features tweets from Russell Okung, who preceded him in choosing to be paid in Bitcoin.

However, Sean Culkin’s bet is even more important. Russell Okung is “only” getting paid half of his salary in Bitcoin, while his American football colleague has decided to get paid entirely in Bitcoin

Sean Culkin’s salary paid in Bitcoin

Sean Culkin has therefore chosen to have his annual $920,000 in Bitcoin. This is a much lower figure than the $13 million received by Russell Okung. In any case, both will be using Strike, a startup that allows them to be paid their salaries in Bitcoin. 

A matter of generations, he explained to Coindesk. The few words of the tweet suggest that the 27-year-old football player believes in the future of Bitcoin. After all, for the past six months BTC has been the protagonist of a real rally that has led it to increase in value to reach $65,000. In recent days, it has retraced and, after touching the $47,000 mark last weekend, is now back at $54,000.

Russell Okung has managed to take full advantage of this run, so much so that with his choice to be paid half his salary in Bitcoin, he has effectively doubled his earnings and some say he may even be the highest paid football player in the NFL

Sean Culkin is on a much smaller scale, but if Bitcoin, as some predict, continues to grow, Culkin’s gamble is bound to pay off too


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