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eBay doesn’t really accept NFTs and closes profiles

Some profiles that had started selling NFT on eBay in light of the news spread by the platform last week, according to which non-fungible tokens were welcome, have seen their profiles closed in recent days. 

The reason? “Non-fungible tokens are not allowed,” explains the email that some users received yesterday.

“We had to remove your ad because it did not comply with our rules on digitally delivered items. Digitally delivered items can only be offered for sale by eBay-approved sellers and must follow our rules. Activities not in compliance with the rules. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are not allowed.”

This is the message that eBay’s support provided to its customers who had decided to start selling NFTs on the platform, including for example the NFT Store of Pornvisory that we had talked about a few days ago.

eBay and NFTs

On 4 May, CNBC published the news, complete with an interview with the company’s CEO Jamey Iannone, that eBay had begun to support the sale of non-fungible tokens. 

The sale was only symbolic, in the sense that only images of NFTs were listed on the platform, but no actual minting was possible. What was theoretically possible was to create an advertisement for a digital token which, after payment, the seller would send to the buyer via wallet.

This would certainly have facilitated the adoption of NFTs, since eBay allows purchases by credit card and PayPal and without the completion of special KYC procedures.

Moreover, the removal of these NFTs from the market has caused the companies that had put them on sale to suffer in terms of – at the very least – lost revenue. More information from the eBay team is therefore awaited to understand the causes of what happened.


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