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Giovanni Motta among the 100 creators for the Binance NFT Marketplace

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has today announced, ‘100 Creators’, a new campaign on Binance NFT Marketplace, to support and promote innovative creators worldwide and spotlight NFT pieces from different cultures.

Italian artist Giovanni Motta will launch an NFT collection as part of 100 Creators on Binance NFT Marketplace, featuring his new collection of the Golden Jonny Boy.

“I am happy to have been included in the Binance 100 creators. It is an honour to have been chosen among all the artists in the world to be able to show my works on this platform”, said Giovanni to comment on the news.

Binance NFT will launch on June 24, prioritising optimal user experience, minimal fees, high liquidity and high-value NFTs. 

The 100 Creators will be a pioneer set of creators on the Binance NFT trading market. These creators will be able to list their artworks on the first week of the Binance NFT marketplace launch. The 100 Creators campaign will also feature NFTs from other top creators worldwide, such as Dangiuz, Valentina Loffredo, Simon Dee, Emanuele Dascanio and many more.

Binance and its NFT Marketplace

Binance NFT Marketplace will be launched on June 24 to offer an open market for artists, creators, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, NFT collectors and creative fans worldwide with the best liquidity and minimal fees. 

On April 27, the exchange had announced the launch of the NFT platform scheduled for June 2021. 

Those who have an account on Binance.com will use the same account to enter the NFT marketplace and use their balance to buy them. The marketplace will also be available via an app on iOS and Android, but there is still no specific release date for this particular app.

About Giovanni Motta

Giovanni Motta has been in the NFT world for some time and has been among the top of the SuperRare ranking, where dozens of his digital works are all sold out. The latest, Fruit Ninja, sold a few weeks ago for over $20,000.

A few days ago, Giovanni Motta and Dangiuz (Leopoldo D’Angelo) published on the SuperRare platform the NFT entitled “What a Dream Looks Like?” the result of a collaboration between the two artists who have thus decided to join forces for the first time and make this drop that unites two parallel but coherent visual universes. 

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