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Dangiuz Meets Giovanni Motta: a work combining the physical and NFT worlds

Today, 24 May 2021, Giovanni Motta and Dangiuz (Leopoldo D’Angelo) published on the SuperRare platform the NFT entitled What a Dream Looks Like?, the result of a collaboration between the two artists who have thus decided to join forces for the first time and make this drop that unites two parallel but coherent visual universes. 

What a Dream Looks Like? The collaboration between Dangiuz and Giovanni Motta

Dangiuz developed the digital version, the NFT in which he inserted the character of Jonny Boy created by Giovanni Motta into his classic cyberpunk urban scenarios to represent the inner child in all of us. Giovanni Motta transferred Dangiuz’s digital work into painting, creating an acrylic on canvas in a 100×80 cm format. 

What a Dream Looks Like? is a work of expanded reality in which material and immaterial meet in the perfect combination of two thoughts and two modes of operation. Whoever buys the NFT also gets the painting, thus obtaining both works, the expression of a single shared creation.

Ivan Quaroni, curator and art critic, explained in his critique of the work as follows:

“What characterizes the collaboration between Dangiuz (Turin, 1995) and Giovanni Motta (Verona, 1971) is also the possibility of two generations, Z and X, to speak through the binary code of the machine and the technological language of painting. Both build their vision in the digital environment, but want to translate the images constructed from bits into the particle and atomic reality of the object. Motta offers Dangiuz the possibility of transforming the digital alchemy of his projections into the caducous materiality of painting. In return, he asks him to host Jonny Boy, his pictographic avatar, within his melancholic cyberpunk universe. It seems a fair exchange, the exploration of a potentiality in which the real and the virtual finally expand reciprocally.”

Ivan Quaroni has also curated Giovanni Motta’s exhibition entitled “GAME OVER Play again?” which is currently running in Shanghai, China, and which sold out well before the opening of the exhibition itself.

Giovanni Motta has been in the NFT world for some time and has been among the top of the SuperRare ranking, where dozens of his digital works are all sold out. The latest, Fruit Ninja, sold a few weeks ago for over $20,000.


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