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Giovanni Motta: the Italian artist (also with NFTs) exhibits in Shanghai

Italian artist Giovanni Motta, known in the crypto industry for his NFTs, has announced today his new solo exhibition to be held in Shanghai from April 18th until June 6th, 2021.

The exhibition will feature 14 paintings in acrylic on canvas and 2 sculptures, one in fibreglass and one in bronze.

As a member of the so-called Generation X, it is not surprising that his works are influenced by Japanese manga and anime as well as American video games and cartoons.

The main subject of Motta’s works is Jonny, the artist’s childlike counterpart, the inner child that lurks in all of us. 

In “GAME OVER play again?” the works follow videogame metaphors and the condition of the player, estranged from reality, is represented precisely through the image of Jonny.

For Motta, the videogame is a symbol of the player’s state of mind: 

“That feeling of divine invasion that accompanies the moments of euphoria and wonder of childhood, an emotional heritage that seems destined to fade in time”.

So explains the press release.

Who is Giovanni Motta, the Italian NFT artist?

Giovanni Motta was born in Verona in 1971 and started exhibiting in 2000 with solo and group shows in Italy and abroad. 

In November 2020 he approached the NFT and crypto art world by publishing his first work on the SuperRare platform.

After only two months, in January 2021, Motta was ranked number one in SuperRare’s ranking of the hottest artists of the moment

On the homepage of the platform, there is an up-to-date ranking of the current trending artists, based on sales and views.

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