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Giovanni Motta is now the first NFT artist to trend on Superare

In November 2020, Italian 3D artist Giovanni Motta started publishing his NFT works on SuperRare, selling his first work for 7.5 Ethereum (ETH).

Just two months later he became number one on Superare as the world’s most trending artist.

A brief history of Giovanni Motta

Motta began his career as an artist by painting with the technique known as hyperrealism. Over the years, his favourite subject became the inner child with 3D works and sculptures.

Then in 2020, it was the turn of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, using the Superare platform to sell his works.

The main subject of these NFTs is Johnny Boy, reflecting the exploration of the essence of the child hidden in the soul of every adult. 

The NFT trend

Non-fungible tokens are a big trend of this 2021 with increasingly more traditional artists entering crypto art. Italian artist Federico Clapis himself launched his first work on Superare a few days ago.

This is also why The Cryptonomist has started a new interview format in collaboration with The Nemesis to discover new projects related to the NFT market.

Non-fungible tokens were not born in 2021 but in November 2017 thanks to the most famous CryptoKitties, although this seems to be the year when everyone is talking about them and more and more projects are taking off.


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