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Picasso, Dalì and Banksy: famous works of art become NFTs thanks to 10101.art

In honor of the launch of the new project 10101.art, visitors will be able to see artworks by Picasso, Dalì, and Banksy, as well as become owners of some paintings in NFT format. 

Picasso, Dalì and Banksy as NFTs: 10101.art wants to make art accessible to everyone

On April 15, at the Monada Gallery of the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai, there will be the launch of 10101.art: the new project that aims to make the art market much more accessible to everyone, blending digital and physical experiences.

For the occasion, in fact, visitors will be able to see famous works by Picasso, Dalì and Banksy and own pieces by Warhol and Banksy as part of an exclusive NFT presale event.

Specifically, works such as “Portrait of Dora Maar” from Picasso’s Portrait Collection, “Man tree with skinned heart” by Salvador Dalì, and Banksy’s paintings “Turf War” and “Choose Your Weapon” will be exhibited, just to name a few. 

“The portraits of Dora Maar are one of the key series of works in Pablo Picasso’s oeuvre. Created in 1939-1942, “Tête d’une femme n°5″ shows the depth of Picasso’s exploration into the soul of his muse, Dora Maar, through the lens of cubism. Every element of this work, from the fragmented form to the vibrant color palette, serves as a narrative, offering insights into Maar’s identity and her influence on Picasso’s work. The painting is a testament to how art can delve deep into the essence of human emotions, challenging our perceptions and inviting us to see beyond the surface. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this iconic piece up close: join us for an exclusive Networking Night on April 15th at Monada Art Gallery, DIFC! Secure your spot now at https://a3tzljvt713.typeform.com/guest-invite Please note that reservations are limited. Your spot is reserved only if you receive a confirmation letter from http://10101.art.”

Picasso, Dalì and Banksy as NFTs: 10101.art leverages blockchain technology

10101.art leverages blockchain technology and legal frameworks to establish a collective ownership system for valuable artworks such as those by Picasso, Dalì, and Banksy. 

Through blockchain technology, in fact, 10101.art facilitates the collective ownership of iconic paintings by famous artists. This new innovative approach allows individuals to own shares of original works of art that would otherwise be out of their reach in the traditional market.

In this way, the platform sees the opportunity to increase accessibility and participation in the art market, something that has often been limited in the past. In honor of the launch, therefore, visitors will be able to own pieces by Warhol and Banksy, as part of an exclusive presale event NFT.

On this matter, Alina Krot, CEO of 10101.art, stated the following: 

“We believe that the time has come for a more welcoming approach to art ownership. 10101.art uses technology and collaboration to create a richer experience for everyone. This event marks a significant step in this journey and we would love for all industry leaders and art enthusiasts to join us in shaping the future of art collecting.”

Banksy’s debut of “Turf War” in NFT format

In late November 2023, 10101.art had already debuted with the launch of the famous artwork “Turf War” by Banksy, in NFT format.

Basically, anyone who wanted to purchase the NFTs would have become a co-owner of the original artwork. 

On that occasion, the presale phase scheduled for November 27, saw a limited number of NFTs at a discounted price of 40%, that is $60. 

The main sale of Banksy’s “Turf War” in NFT format would have seen the remaining pieces available for $100. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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